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David Beckham shirtless and stuff!

Filed By Alex Blaze | January 29, 2009 4:30 PM | comments

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It'sdavid_beckham.jpg one of those days at the Bilerico Project: where is everyone? Well, I know a significant number of contributors are at Creating Change, and the news cycle is a little slow when it comes to the LGBT news.

So what does Bil usually do when the news cycle is a little slow? Oh, yeah, that's right, he puts up pics of shirtless boys. Well, I suppose I can do that just as well as he can.

But I don't keep up with the kids and I don't really know who's popular right now, so after the jump are some particularly ribald photographs of David Beckham, and if I skim Towleroad correctly on a daily basis, people still think he's cool. Plus he's married to a Spice Girl, which, for me, is the epitome of cool. The Spice Girls rocked!

Oh, wait, shirtless boys. After the jump.


David-Beckham (1).jpg




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Many hits for you~

I don't get it | January 29, 2009 11:19 PM

The David Beckham thing seems to be more about an industry of marketing him as attractive and sexy than the guy actually being all that attractive or sexy.

He's certainly got the narcissism thing down.

He's not someone I'd want to date.

"I don't get it":

Thank you; I thought I was the only one who thought that way!

david beckham is so sexxxy!!!!!!!!!!!!