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Jon Stewart on the inauguration, interview with Gene Robinson

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Start off the morning with this laugh. Stewart's comments about Dick Cheney (and the accompanying visuals) are hysterical. He also scorches Rick Warren quite nicely.

Bishop Gene Robinson was on the show last night, but the above clip doesn't include the interview. The segment with the interview is below the fold.

An exchange for the ages...

STEWART: Washington was, so, crowded today. There were so many people. You as a bishop were sort of doubly handicapped in that situation because you are only allowed to move diagonally. How is that negotiating the crowds.

ROBINSON: John, you have to understand there's a queen on the board as well.

(Stewart loses it, laughing.)

Robinson goes on to say that he met the Rick Warren at the worship service before the ceremony and he "let him know that I was praying for him." Stewart asked the Bishop whether his invitation was orchestrated to counter Warren's appearance. Robinson said that he was going to be a part of this all along, and mentioned the fact that he had advised the Obama campaign during the election season on LGBT issues. Stewart also asked him about whether he thought he would see someone LGBT as president one day.

"I think for every gay or lesbian or bisexual or transgender person that dream for us is now in place, and all we have to do is the hard work to get there."

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Marla R. Stevens Marla R. Stevens | January 23, 2009 3:36 AM

Over at's_hilarious,_but_pointed,_take_on_the_inauguration/

there's more, including a hilarious take on Obama's speech. The more things change, you know, the more they stay the same...

Too good. Here on Friday, when we are already seeing huge holes in our Obama HOPE... (e.g. 1/3 of $800 of Obama's stimulus plan goes to TAX CUTS for the RICH AND FAMOUS...He hire a Lobbyist from Raytheon to Run the Pentagon... I'm not even sure he is a Democrat let alone not working for Bush/Cheney)

Loved the WHEEL CHAIR And WHite Cat...and the clip of Darth being wheeled away!

Nothing not to LOVE about Bishop Robinson.

....and I was just wondering today about a possible gay president...or exgay maybe ?? Haggard? Or non-gay, Crist?