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New Year's Day open thread

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Happy New Years, everyone! Today's a holiday; we're taking the day off. :)

So here's a question, but, honestly, ya'll can talk about whatever you'd like...

What's your New Year resolution?

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getting off my ass and buying a house in Siberia

Finally getting one of my novel manuscripts published.

Writing, recording, rehearsing, and ultimately presenting my performace art pieces at local open mics as an "Equality Terrorist" (I'm a bassist, pianist, composer, former-educator, and performance artist).

Think a mix of Laurie Anderson, Frank Zappa, Henry Rollins, and Bugs Bunny - the last one relates esp. to the music of Carl Stalling, the composer of the music to the WB cartoons of the 40-50's, and the sound editor Treg Brown.

Happy New Year.
John - Looking forward to your performance art piece. Will it be posted on Youtube ?
Today I am cooking lamb stew, walking, hugging Kevin, and counting my good things in life, namely good health. Have to go back to Weight Watchers, my clothes are tight due to eating good food around the holiday season.

Am I the only one who saw this?

"4 arrested in gang rape of gay woman" - MSNBC

I haven't seen this anywhere else.
Glad they caught the dirt bags.

The news has only been out for a couple of hours. Hope they are prsecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Fry their ass.

I WILL come out to my family as trans. Sometime this year. I will I will I will.

Get Trans Youth of Kansas (TYKS) off the ground.

The same as every year:
I resolve never to make New Years' resolutions.

That's one I can keep.