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OMG! Sam and Beau kissed!

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OMG, did you hear about the latest in the Breedams luv drama? It's so weird! Like, Beau is saying that they kissed before he turned 18 and Sam is all like, oh no we didn't!

So, like, here's what happened. After they met, Beau was all like, you're cool, and Sam was all like gettin hot n bothered because Beau's majorly hawt, you know. Then they went out to lunch at the Macaroni Grill. They ate downtown! (That's what she said, lol.)

So then Sam found out Beau was jailbait and said "uh uh no way" but then he kissed Beau in the car ride back to the train station. I KNOW!!!!!1!!!1! SCANDALOUS!

So then all Sam's friends are like, stay away from Beau, that boy is trouble with a capital T-R-O-U-B-L-E. And I'm so sure he wanted to, but that didn't stop you know who from going all the way up to Portland to go to this party where he knew Sam was.

You're totally not going to believe this part. Seriously. Seriously, OMG, I can't say it! It's too SCANDALOUS! So like after the party they went to the Lotus Cafe and they KISSED IN THE BATHROOM!

Yeah I know! When I heard that I was all like OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG too! Sam says it isn't true, but it's too good NOT to be true!

Questions 4 discussion:

1. Isn't the Oregonian's photo montage thingie with all those pics of Beau awesome? He's a TOTAL HOTTIE!!!

2. How cute is Beau's dog?

3. Do you think there was TONGUE? The Oregonian didn't ask - maybe the Tribune will!

4. If you could watch them kiss, would you? I won't tell you my answer, but it's yes!

5. Is it Breedams or Adlove? What about Sameau or Bam? We have to decide NOW!!!


Yeah.... That's about the only tone in which it's appropriate to discuss this latest Oregonian article about Sam Adams's affair with Beau Breedlove. To all those people out there who think that the salacious sex scandal angle of this has nothing to do with why they're calling for Adams's resignation, read the latest article. It should put that question to rest.

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Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | January 26, 2009 5:28 PM

Here's all the proof we need to proceed with the lynching. Beau's puppy is named ... Lolita. Grab you pitchforks and torches.

Here's photograpic proof.,%20Lolita


Good form, sir. Good form!

I wish we could get Abigail's Teen Diary to read that for a vlog, it'd be hilarious!