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Real World Brooklyn Brings the Gay

Filed By Michael Crawford | January 11, 2009 2:30 PM | comments

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The Real World Brooklyn is definitely giving Project Runway a run for its gay money.

Real World has also had a gay cast member, except for the Chicago season when there were two gays. For the Brooklyn season there is the adorable gay boy J.D. (rumor has it he dated Anderson Cooper) and in a Real World first Katelynn, a MTF transgender woman. And, I'm laying down money now that Chet, the metrosexual Mormon virgin from Salt Lake City who loves the color pink, is going to be knocking down that closet door any moment now.

After the jump are video profiles of JD and Katelynn. And, as a special bonus a profile of Chet, the gay boy to be.




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So what JD's saying is, he's 22. He's only 22, you know? He's got some growing up to do. Like, he's 22.

Katelynn is shockingly normal.

And with Chet, he went on on a 2 year trip where he didn't kiss any girls, was in a fraternity where he resisted the temptation to have sex with lots and lots of hot college chicks, and he has a beautiful beard. And a purple pashmina. What's gay about that?

Renee Pookmuffin | January 12, 2009 12:42 PM

Katelynn, she's a nerd like me and my girlfriend!
Nice to see a young tranwoman depicted as a (gasp) normal person. She's funny and smart, my kinda gal.

"I'm as much a woman as you are. The only difference between you and me is I have the receits to prove it!" Awesome...

Ryan and Katelynn are totally going to hook up.

This actually seems like its going to be a really good season of TRW, a return to the way the show used to be. I don't see them to be going out to the bar every night and getting smashed.

You forgot to mention Sarah the gay chick. And yes, Chet will likely come out after he hooks up with some guy from the gay bar.

I get so sick of MTV trying to tell us what is normal. Four gays out of eight, come on!