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Shirtless Sanjaya Malakar: Is he gay or just fey?

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Former American Idol contestant Sanjaya Malakar has been making the rounds to hawk his new book, "Dancing to the Music in My Head." While the little waif's 15 minutes of fame is long over, that's no reason to ignore the shirtless photo of Sanjaya that happened to surface at the same time he needs to sell some books.

SanjayaChest.jpgHe's also been using the opportunity to tell us how straight he is.

Howard [Stern] told Sanjaya that he "assumed you were gay, but in your book you say you're straight." Sanjaya answered that he had a girlfriend - she's currently a high school senior - and an active sex life (with her): "I'm not [gay]. Penises are weird looking."
Howard wondered if Sanjaya would ever pose nude, and Sanjaya said he might: "I would if it were a really classy...I wouldn't do the future, done right."

More pictures and protestations of heterosexuality after the jump.

sanjaya-malakar-shirtless-01-2007-05-19.jpgRight after he was booted off the show, our fey friend told People magazine that he was straight and super-duper popular with the fairer sex - as evidenced by this pajama party (with ice cream!).

...he says he's always been popular with women.

"I've always gotten along with girls better because I was raised by women," Malakar tells PEOPLE in its new issue.

Malakar, whose parents divorced when he was 3, says his ease with women comes from being close to his mom and his sister, Shyamali, who were his biggest influence growing up in Seattle. But getting along with girls didn't always work to his benefit.

sanjaya-sexy-300.jpg"I got teased in school because people figured I must be gay because I understand women," the phenomenally popular American Idol castoff says. "I think that's why guys didn't like me - because I got along with girls so well. When I went up to girls they would give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek like I was their gay friend. But I was the straight guy that understood them."

As for his dating past, Malakar, who is now 17, says: "I had a girlfriend but she became clingy, and I didn't want to get into a really serious relationship because I was 16. Before his arrival on the hit FOX show, "I just wanted to date and have fun," he says.

I said Sanjaya is gay back in March and April of 2007 and my gaydar is very rarely wrong. Unlike most of America who was shocked when Clay Aiken came out of the closet, I predicted that one too. *deadpans* I'm going to stand on my unblemished record of spotting American Idol queers and speculate that he'll be officially on the roster sometime soon.


But if he wants a classy place to publish nude pictures of himself, there's always Bilerico Project... We're classy, right? Right?!

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Young twink...ack.

No thanks, and who cares if he is gay or straight?

Young twink...YUM.

But I think its hilarious that he's straight. Just. Plain. Hilarious. And the pajama party pic is PRICELESS.

But he'd make a terrible spouse right now anyway, penis' being icky and all that -- his #1 fan can wait. ;-) LOL

Jim Q. Citizen | May 21, 2009 11:59 AM

Sanjaya, regardless of his sexual orientation, is a person who knows how to live life! He makes the best of what he has and knows how to work it.

Personally, I'm inspired by his positive fun-loving personality. I'll always consider him a pop-star and wouldn't be surprised if he went on to bigger and better things in the future!