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Since you all liked Rachel Maddow so much...

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Bil's out, so that means that I'm going to remind you all to vote Bilerico tonight. I won't completely humiliate myself like I did last week. I will only partly humiliate myself.

ronaldouse copy.jpgYou see, we're in it to win it. And, as of this moment, we're in second place behind TowleRoad and just ahead of JoeMyGod. We need your votes, and I already know that there are far more than enough readers on this site who could push us over tonight and tomorrow morning.

But what do you all need for that to happen? What is there left to give to get you to click this link and spend less than ten seconds voting for The Bilerico Project?

Do I need to remind you of little drummer Buck, who'd like nothing more than for you to click that link? Maybe another PSA from Mercedes Allen would convince you.

Haven't we built a good rapport over this past year? By we, I mean you, specifically, and any of the contributors on this site. Do you like them? Consider this like tipping, sure, you don't have to do it, but it's built in to American culture, and you really can't change it without hurting someone's livelihood.

racheluse.jpgShould I compliment you? Oh, well, all right. You're looking lovely today. Really. That top looks smashing with what you have on down there. And your hair or lack of it is great! I don't think I've ever seen you look so... glowing. Really? You want to vote Bilerico now? Alrighty then. Here's the link.

What if I talk about what happens if you don't vote? Well, TowleRoad wins. Do you really want to live in a universe where TowleRoad is officially the Best LGBT Blog for an entire year? I sure wouldn't, but it really has nothing to do with them. I just want to win.

What if I promised to clean things up around your house.... nah, you've seen my place, and you don't want yours to look like that.

What if I offered you a free T-shirt? I couldn't make good on that, considering how little money we make off this site, but you could wear a T-shirt you already own and tell people I gave it to you. Please don't do that if you don't vote for us. That would be pretty douchey.

beduse.jpgMaybe someone who contributes to Bilerico has hurt you. In which case, we apologize. Thank you for accepting our apology. Aren't you going to show there are no hard feelings by voting?

What about the promise of a victory party? It's gonna be wild, seriously. OMG, if you only knew what we had planned for last year with the dancers and piano and piƱatas and the the discussions of LGBTQ internal, electoral, and cultural politics.... Aw, seriously, it's gonna be wicked if we win.

All that's left to offer are some hot pics. And the fanciest font I could find. Click to support the Bilerico Project, oh please oh please oh please click to support the Bilerico Project.

Also too, support our endorsees!

Best Humor Blog (vote here)
The Comics Curmudgeon by Josh Fruhlinger

Best Comic Strip (vote here)
Town Called Dobson by Storm Bear

Best Liberal Blog (vote here)
Shakesville by Melissa McEwan

Best Midsize Blog (vote here)
Rod 2.0 by Rod McCullom

Best Large Blog (vote here)
Mombian by Dana Rudolph

Best Australia or New Zealand Blog
(vote here)
A.E. Brain by Zoe Brain

Best New Blog (vote here)
Grace the Spot, a lesbian group blog

Best LGBT Blog (vote here)
The Bilerico Project
Pam's House Blend by Pam Spaulding
TransGriot by Monica Roberts

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Hey Alex,
Can you put some eye candy up for us Lesbians?
I mean, it's too hard to look at that let alone click on it..............ROFLMAO (I am sorta kidding)
Good luck, keep up the great work!

never mind....
I didn't see that I could click on Rachel!!!
Woooooooo Hooooooooooooooo!!!

Funny enough, of all the pics I posted last week to get people to click, Rachel Maddow and Leonardo DiCaprio were the most popular. That's with Venus Williams and a few random male models in the mix.

Seriously, the priorities around here.... :)

Yeah, everyone, vote for Zoe!

You're doing great. I don't think we'd be anywhere near the top 1000 if they took all the blogs based in North America and made a big "Best US and Canada Blog" category. Good job!

Am I the only one who cannot get the ballot to load today? I just wait and wait...

I know they had issues earlier today, but they's saying they fixed the speed issues.

I read the top 3 vote getters, but voted for you!

I wouldn't want to live in a universe with this crappy blog - it is in NO way the best anything.
I hope you LOSE!

Thanks Doug. We love you too. Stop back by soon, you'll have a friend in Charles. He reads and comments too, but also makes sure to tell us how much he hates us!

I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right.

Good day, sir, I said good day!