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The Amazing Race... Soulforce style

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When I was introduced to the group Soulforce as a sophomore in college, I was absolutely amazed and inspired by the genuine love and leadership its founder had. Mel White has got to be among our community's most noted leaders in non-violence and direct action advocacy.

Well... now it's time for Mel to 'amaze' us, along with his son, Mike White, a Hollywood writer and director, who is joining Mel on CBS' The Amazing Race. Word's spreading fast around all the gossip blogs.

mikeandmelamazingrace.jpgThe next season of The Amazing Race will certainly be interesting. I'm so used to seeing Mel pray or preach or talk about oppression and the church. It'll be a little weird seeing him race around the world.

Mike, who wrote School of Rock and Nacho Libre, announced the duo's participation.

From The Lynchburg News & Advance:

When "The Amazing Race" premieres next month, Lynchburg will have something to root for.

Hill City resident Mel White, co-founder of the Christian gay-rights organization Soulforce, is running the race with his actor/director/screenwriter son, Mike.

"It was the most glorious, fun time of my life," said Mel White, who is, at 68 years old, this season's oldest contestant.

White said he'd never seen the show until recently, but had always heard about it from Mike, an avid fan.


White said the trip was an amazing bonding experience for him and Mike, whose writing credits include "The Good Girl," "Nacho Libre," "Orange County" and "School of Rock," in which he also costarred with Jack Black.

"We started out close," White said. "(But) he is so busy in Hollywood, and I'm so busy with my activism, we maybe see each other six or seven times a year.

"He said, 'You've been wanting quality time, Dad. Well, you've gotten what you asked for.'"

The season debuts on Feb. 15 on CBS.

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I was amazed by Mel White also when Kevin and I were with Soulforce in Phoenix protesting the Southern Baptist national convention. We were the only two atheists and he was very accepting of us. He taught us about civil disobedience techniques and the ways of Gandhi and the inspiration has been helpful to our tax protest. Gandhi of course protested the tax on salt which caused a revolution freeing India.
I send best wishes for he and his talented son on the TV show.

Great! Too bad I won't be able to watch it!