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The Rumors of my Death have been Greatly Exaggerated...

Filed By Waymon Hudson | January 17, 2009 11:30 AM | comments

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Look out, Projectors. I'm slowly coming back and ready to start kevetching online again. This is your official warning (hint, hint Rick Warren, Peter Labarbera, and other fundie madmen- look out!).

quiet-sick-zone1.jpgA big thank you to everyone who has been sending me emails, leaving comments, and otherwise cyber-stalking me during my recent illness. It has really been great to feel the love (both snarky and otherwise) from my online blog family. Get well wishes mean so much more when combined with "I miss being able to yell at you and your stupid ideas." What other blog family would leave comments like:

Hey you, get well. You are one of the few people with a dick that I consider even halfway worthwhile.

How can I not get better after that!! Again, thanks to everyone for their support and concern. I imagine that once I start ranting and writing again, you'll all be hoping for a quick and harsh relapse.

You just can't keep a good Queer down...

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Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | January 17, 2009 11:33 AM

Waymon, I'm sorry you were sick and glad to hear you're getting better!

I've been fighting a cold for a week now myself. Yuck! There's something definitely going around.

I hope you feel better as well, Brynn! :)

Unfortunately you can't keep the bad ones down or quiet either... but then again who would want too?
But you're one of the good ones so I'm glad that you are feeling better and welcome back to the fray.

Hey, Waymon,

Welcome back! Glad to know you're up and about again!

Waymon, glad you're feeling better. take care...

Thanks, Greg! I'm finally getting back to my old self.

Hey you, get well. You are one of the few people with a dick that I consider even halfway worthwhile.

Did the sender mean that you are one among few people who are halfway worthwhile, or ...

... did he mean that your dick is halfway worthwhile?

(BTW ... any chance I would be allowed to make this determination for myself?)

Just curious.

P.S. Glad you're feeling better now, Waymon.

That's a good question... I'll have to look into that.

I think maybe we should have a Bilerico poll (or pole, as it were) to see if it is halfway worthwhile or not. I know those kind of posts always get good traffic. LOL

Glad to be back to the craziness, AJ. :)

Hey, who are you calling "he"? Just because I used to have a dick don't mean a thing!

Since I formerly had one, I know about dicks, and I feel that qualifies me to comment on those who may still possess one as to their worthiness or not.

As far as I know, Waymon still has, and does not want to get rid of his, (as strange as that may seem to me.), so even though he is so attached to his member, he still is a at least halfway worhtwhile person. (despite his perverted desire to have a penis.)

It is, I suppose, a matter of perspective.

I am glad to see you are back Waymon. Keep up the good blogging!

Thanks Diddly!

I will say your comment made me laugh so hard and completely lifted my spirits! And while it may be odd that I will choose to keep mine, I appreciate you looking past that perverted fault and still wish me well. ;)

It is so good to be home...

Hey, what can I say, it takes all types.

Go figure.

Nice to see you back and kicking, and glad I could give you a good laugh. It is one of the best medicines around, and the price is right.

Sorry, diddlygrl! ... After I pressed the SUBMIT button, I realized, "Hey, what was I thinking? Waymon's sender could be a female friend, but considering the Bilerico following, is even more likely to be a transperson!"

So ... oops! I stand corrected, my precious beloved little dick in hand.

I am out of offense today, so dont worry, none taken.

And you keep a firm hold on that dick, it might try and escape if you don't watch it. ;-)

You are out of offense???? Today is a day for the history books! :)

Glad to have you back, Waymon.

So glad to hear you're on the mend, Waymon. I've been worried about you.

Thanks Allyson! I am doing much better now. I'm ready to get back to causing trouble! I started last night by going to a counter protest against Westboro Baptist church here in town (and the Phelps clan never even showed up). The play they were protesting was really good, though! :)

So when are you coming back so we can abuse you again? I think I'm due for another vacation... :)

Another vacation? Geez! I have to either get married or go in the hospital to get a break! LOL...

Glad you're back Waymon. As my grandmother used to say, "have some nice chicken soup".

Thanks Z! Anthony's been taking good care of me, plenty of TLC and lots of soup. :)

Glad you're feeling better, Waymon. I missed having you around! :)

Glad you are back. Looking forward to seeing a dance and splits on the Disco floor. :)

I must say that doing splits in a hospital gown was quite... interesting. But you can't stop the disco queen in me, even if I had to bedazzle my IV bag into a disco ball. LOL

I'm glad you doing better. I'm looking forward to spending quality time with you and your wonderful spouse again scarfing up pizza. ;)

I was really sorry to hear you were sick, but I have to say I'm confused about something. People have, for a long time, been saying that they though you were always sick. What made this last sickness any different?


Ah, the difference is this time pink flamingos with hoola hoops and walruses in tuxes were not involved like the other times.