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Vote for lesbians as "Best New Blog"

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"The Weblog Awards may seem like a kind and gentle competition among affable geeks to the uninitiated, when in fact it is a free-for-all among not-so-affable geeks that often includes unlikely alliances formed behind the scenes, ne'er-do-wells attempting to circumvent anti-cheat mechanisms in the voting script, trash talking and general keyboard thuggery.

When you mix the already hypercompetitive nature of the awards with the inherent batshit craziness of the political blogosphere, things can get ugly, and little blogs like us who generally steer clear of incendiary topics can get caught up in the mudslinging between the 800 pound gorillas of the political blogosphere."

--Grace Chu of Grace the Spot, who's losing bad in the "Best New Blog" category because of some A-list blog shenanigans. "Grace the Spot" is a tight new lesbian blog and they're the only queers in the Best New Blog category, so help our sisters out and vote for them!

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wyomingleah | January 12, 2009 6:05 AM

Excellent blog Grace! SO easy to vote for you. Thanks for the recommend BP fellas!

Thx for the insight. I was trying to figure out why all those wingnut blogs nobody reads any more made the finals.

I voted for TBP and PHB (which will probably get somebody pissed off at me, but what the hell). Zero sum and single categories and finalists are way too hierarchical and linear in an increasingly n-dimensional tagged world.