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But pot smoking makes you eat more cereal!

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Over here at Bilerico Project, we're not stupid like Kelloggs. We know there's nothing wrong with a pot smoker. In fact, these posts go well with a munchie...

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I agree totally! The Michael Phelps fiasco has been blown totally out of proportion. In modern America, being a 40-year-old who hasn't smoked pot is like being a 40-year-old virgin. (Not to imply that MP is 40 years old yet --- but the holy-of-holies who expect him to be the perfect role model for their youngsters would require for him to reach that milestone someday.)

Actually, I think he is the proper role model for kids ... try it once or twice so you know what it's like, then forget about it. And for God's sake, don't let the millions you earn as a celebrity go up your nose, as did Marvin Gaye, Richard Pryor, and John Belushi.

Forgot to add: Even William F. Buckley had an intellectual curiosity about trying marijuana --- and figured out a way to do so legally, by arranging a rendezvous with a pot supplier out in international Atlantic waters.

Except that if Michael Phelps was a kid from the West Side instead of a movie star from Fells Point he'd be at Central Booking instead of the front pages of the tabloids.

You're missing a point: stoners don't eat Kellogg's cereals when they have the munchies. They eat Cap'n Crunch, which is made by Quaker Oats. Maybe he can get their endorsement.