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Click Rachel Maddow to support our friends

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The maddow.jpg2008 Lezzy Awards are open for votes, and TBP contributor Pam Spaulding is up for "Best Political/Feminist Blog." Go vote for her!

Also, I got an email from Grace Chu of Grace the Spot, an awesome lesbian group-blog, asking that her "Bilericomrades" help her win in the "Best Humor Blog" and "Blog of the Year." She says:

Grace The Spot was the blog that started and coordinated the 8 Against 8 lesbian blogger campaign to fight Proposition 8. We set out to raise $8,000 in 8 days and, with the help of 7 other blogs, raised almost $14,000.

I love Grace the Spot and I'm charmed by the word "Bilericomrades." Take a minute to go and vote for Pam and Grace. And I know Rachel Maddow is the only way to get you all to go over there, so click the nerdy lesbian beefcake.

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Yep, hunted all over for Rachel...but voted for Pam and Grace.

You all did see that RM had Jimmie Carter on last night and the first thing out of his mouth was: ' Thank you, my family is so excited I'm on your show!'

Yep, she blushed...doesn't happen often.

I second that recommendation. I'll also be voting for Pam and Grace.

Okay, would my saying I graduated from the same high school as Rachel Maddow grant me any sprinkly spillover glow? 'Cause I did.

No? How 'bout, readers of my blog (and others I cajoled into posting my ActBlue fundraising thermometer) donated over $16,700 to try to defeat Prop 8? 'Cause they did.

Lesbian Dad is up for Best Parenting/Wedding Blog for The Lezzies. So if you're in the mood to send some love over to your online activist sisters, then I'd be glad to solicit a little more of it. I mean, we lost the Prop 8 battle, and after months of writing my ass off over it (not to mention running raggedy in the Actual Offline World), I felt like a truck ran over me and went on to clip my kids. It'd be nice if the online activism netted something. Even a virtual toaster oven.

[Vote here daily 'til Wed Feb 18, 9pm Eastern.]