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Continental Flight 3407 Crashes in Clarence NY: 50 souls lost.

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Last night, Continental flight 3407 went down in Clarence, NY. The plane, operated by Colgan Air, was on its way to Buffalo, NY, from Newark, NJ. 50 souls were lost: 44 passengers, two pilots, two flight attendants, one off-duty pilot, and one man who was in the residence the plane crashed into.

As a resident of Buffalo, the crash was 20 miles away from me. However, friends and I gathered on twitter shortly after it happened, trying to sort out details and being a community, we were all affected.

As the Buffalo area struggles to embrace the enormity of this situation, please direct your prayers and thoughts to the families who lost loved ones, and those who are still waiting to find out. Please pray for the emergency crews, the city of Buffalo, the town of Clarence, and all the organizations who are working hard to take care of this horrible mess.


The above graphic was made by local designer Mark Brickey from Hero Design Studio in Buffalo. Please blog this as a memorial for flight 3407.

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I was Ordained both a Christian deacon and a priest at the Chua Tu Hieu Temple and Buddhist Cultural Center in Buffalo NY. At the same time I took refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma,and the Sanga.

My prayers and meditations are with you. The love of God is with each family that suffers a loss. In the horror of this event there is no bright side. There is no greater good that this serves. In the midst of this sorrow the people of God say let me welcome you under my tent. In my protection may you grieve.

Horrible thing, this crash, and really, any crash.
But this one carries the dark distinction of 'terminating' in a residential neighborhood, bringing the nightmare into so very many lives unconnected with the flight....

My thoughts and sympathy are with the families and friends of those who lost their lives. Very sad.
I am not religious and praying to a god who could have prevented the crash doesn't make sense to me.
However, I am not critical of the believers who do pray.

Thanks for the Twitter updates while it was happening, Nate. It helped me to know you were okay.

Fifty "souls" were lost? I think you mean "lives".

Sorry, I know you think saying "souls" sounds more respectful or something, but it really just sounds ridiculous.