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Dustin Lance Black wins for Milk

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I must admit, I don't usually watch the Oscars. Tonight, Jerame happened have the Academy Awards playing on his computer because I was going to play my video game after I finished setting up tomorrow's daily blog posts (Homotextual and the You Gotta See This video).

I heard Dustin Lance Black win the Best Screenplay Oscar and thought "That's the guy who guest posted a while back" and turned to watch. I'm so glad I did. Best. Acceptance. Speech. Ever.

After watching Black's speech I looked at Jerame and he sat staring back at me - remembering our own childhood and teen years. While Black thanks the Almighty for Harvey Milk, I thank Black for what he just did for thousands of gay youth.

Video after the jump. Watch it while you can - YouTube keeps zapping it.

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Awesome, superb, stupendous! The words cannot describe the breadth of this mans eloquent words. What he said brings hope to every LGBT growing up in shame that there is hope. That there is indeed acceptance and love for all God's children.

That was fantastic!! BRAVO! ; )

Annette Gross Annette Gross | February 23, 2009 7:46 AM

What a wonderful tribute to Harvey Milk! And a message of hope to all the GLBT kids out there!

Well, you can always count on me to play the curmudgeon.

Black's screenplay was the source of the historical inaccuracy, repeated ad infinituum it seems, that Harvey Milk was the first openly gay person to be elected to major public office in the US. He wasn't: Allan Spears of Minnesota statehouse and Elaine Noble in Massachusetts statehouse both preceded him. Check Wikipedia, both have write-ups. That such a glaring historical gaff made it in to an Oscar-winning screenplay, without a correction being properly issued to this day, it troubling --- a main benefit of such a movie is to re-introduce the history of Harvey Mil to a complete younger generation of GLBT's, but it re-writes history in the process. Very "Out of Order" in my book of Robert's Rules.

OTOH, this does not detract materially from Black's admirable intentions, his success, or the enormously positive results in all. So, congratulations, Dustin Lance Black, on your statuette --- hopefully, your name will be broadcast far and wide as the first Black atheist lesbian screenwriter from Romania to win an Oscar.

Correction: Allan Spear of Minnesota, not Spears.

I'm glad he and Sean Penn won, but I was not happy to hear nothing but "gay and lesbian," from another privilaged white gay man who isn't in touch with the history of the movement. This is the 40th anniversary year for Stonewall and I'll be the one throwing bottles at people like Dustin if he doesn't start getting a clue.

Especially moving was the Winner of the Oscar for the Best Original Screen Play "MILK". Dustin Lance Black all that I can say is wow wow wow!!! Your acceptance speech was perfect. Many of us could only wish that we had a family that loved us as you’re family has shown to love you for as you said “Who You Are”. Life could have been so much richer and full by this time in my life. Although this comment on my own set of rag tag yahoo's is a bit off the subject I feel sorry for them as they don't even know who they are let alone even begin to accept anyone other than themselves except as sad idiots in a straight - jacket. It is or was unfortunate that I bought into their perverted games with the hope that I could be myself which in the end could not happen around them. So at this time in the lives of my brothers and sisters in the Gay Community we might say or give a huge thank-you to the Mormon Church for rushing into Prop 8 with such gusto only to create one hell of a monster in the backlash and then to breathe life into the nation for civil rights and the right to marry if we wish when the time is right. So to the bigots and self - righteous gobble-de-gooks I have to say with a somewhat weary voice that thank you for taking on California instead of some back water state like Idaho or even Minnesota where a win on their part would barely raise a blip on the radar screen.

I dunno if this beats that one speech from Sally Field....

Are you kidding Alex. I didn't know she was out.

I liked Sean Penn's acceptance speech too!

This morning, I sent off complaints about the zapping to a number of people I thought might be interested; such as HRC, GLAAD, PFLAG, and the LA Gay and Lesbian, media person. Got one response to the effect 'that it is the committees right to remove them'

Well, DUH!!! I know copyright law quite well actually, I know it was their right to remove them. What I didn't think I needed to explain the the above groups, I will set out here, just for the record and then on to them.

What I am saying, is that after having pulled the video, someone with any sympathy for the plight of gay children, and families, globally, should take the time to realize just how valuable a piece of film that is (and, no, I do not mean 'for profit' valuable, I mean psychologically valuable) They should realize that both his and Sean Penns speeches represent many things. Just a few of which are:

1) It is okay to be gay.
2) It is okay to come out (when it is safe, move if it is not safe)
3) If you come out you still can perform your own dream career.
4) After functioning in that capacity happily, you can be rewarded/awarded
success, that everyone in the world can see, and that you can brag
about at the Oscars.
5)..... and you can still dream to be married in your lifetime.

In the case of Sean Penn:

1) It is okay NOT to be gay.
2) It is okay to create a historic (or non-historic) gay character.
3) You can win awards for doing so.
4) You can give a noble speech that says all of the above.
5) Plus saying that you support Equal Rights for All Americans,

Now, If I could advise these people I would recommend that they produce a small video, publish and post it on youtube: containing both speeches and pictures of the audiences participation in the joy of the awards. They can include an ad for MILK , I don't care. I just do feel, as both a gay supporter and a physician, that such a video on youtube could save more lives, careers,and families, than almost any other one that could be put up, it is the epitome of 2009 'it's okay to be gay' reality video.