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With all the happenings that've been going on over the past couple of weeks, there were some news posts and interesting tidbits we weren't able to cover. Here's the best of them:

  • An 18 year old high school student in Wisconsin has been accused of blackmailing other male students into having sex with him. He'd pose as a female on Facebook, get them to send him naked photos or videos of themselves and then threaten to send the pics to the entire school unless they put out. If they did agree to sex, he filmed it too for even more blackmail. Over 30 students sent him pictures or video.
  • An Indiana bill requiring the state Department of Education to develop standards for cultural competency teacher training has been hijacked by Rep Jeff Thompson. Thompson has submitted an amendment to forbid the teaching of "harmful behaviors" - including, you guessed it, being gay. The original bill has been pulled from consideration.
  • Janet Jackson's nipple wasn't broadcast during the Superbowl this year, but porn star Evan Stone's dick provided a brief interlude in Tuscon. The video feed was accidentally switched to "stablemate channel Club Jenna" for 30 seconds. (Video at the link, but NSFW)
  • South Dakota's hate crimes bill may be revised to include sexual orientation. No gender identity though.
  • Joe.My.God. has a list of the top 25 hook up sites. isn't even on the list anymore.

Now, what've you got for us?

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HOT MESS!!!!!! 18 YEAR OLD BLACKMAILING???!! PORN during the Superbowl...that's kind of funny.