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Joe the Plumber will fix the economy some time between noon and 6pm next Thursday

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Joe the Plumber apparently knows how to fix the economy now; he's advising Congressional Republicans on the jobs bill.

The Senate staffers who showed up at 9 a.m. for the closed-door meeting refused to leak the contents of their discussion with the tradesman-cum-strategist, but Wurzelbacher himself revealed that the advice they soaked up was just good, old-fashioned "common sense."

Wurzelbacher opposes the stimulus and said he questioned why the government can't just cut its bills like other people do. He also advised staffers to take a harder line on the legislation: "Republicans on the Hill are afraid of saying too much," he noted.

Further recommendations from the Karl Rove of the Commode included having "someone go in there and kick some ass."

Everything about this person is simply ridiculous, and his opinions about economics are idiotic (maybe we don't treat the government like a family budget because it isn't a family budget?). But could you imagine a lesbian with absolutely no qualifications to speak on this topic just walking into Congress and giving her opinion to deferent staffers?

It really should go without saying that the Joe the Plumber phenomenon could only have happened in a specific context. A black man, a woman (especially a young woman), an LGBT person, a disabled person walking into Congress and advising elected officials on the economy, without any qualification to judge what's good and what's not for the economy in a macro sense, would all be laughed out of the room. But get a conservative, white, heterosexual male in there who's been officially labeled a "real American" by a failed presidential candidate, and, voila, people actually listen to his ramblings.

Wesley Denton, communications director for Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), whose office coordinates the group, said, "I think staffers were happy to have him there and hear his perspective. He's an interesting person for staffers to hear from, and it certainly helps us get an understanding about how the stimulus debate is playing out in the country with regular folks."

Right. Because Joe the Plumber is more representative of "regular folks" than any person of color, woman, non-Christian, or queer out there could be. If he is, then God help us all.

Fortunately, in a bizarre sense, it doesn't matter here because Congressional Republicans are already selling the same snake oil when it comes to the economy - times are bad, so we have to cut spending and give people a tax cut. Since military, prison, and police spending is untouchable, the spending cuts will have to come from programs that actually improve lower-income people's lives. And since a refundable tax credit is a sin the First Randian Church of Republican Economics, the tax cuts will have to go to the wealthy.

But how can anyone accuse Republicans of trying to redistribute the wealth upwards?

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Angela Brightfeather | February 13, 2009 3:48 PM

OK, here it comes from Angela the Plumber.

I'd like to expose this farce. Joe the Plumber doesn't know how to keep and underground tank from floating up out of the ground because he doesn't know the bouyancy equation. He isn't a plumber because he does not have a Mastere's License to do plumbing work in his state or any other state for that matter. He is a plumber's helper at best and if he doesn't know how to calculate what he needs to keep a septic tank buried and not float, how does anyone, expecially the Republicans, expect him to be able to calculate what it takes to keep this economy from sinking.

This guy is a rube! He is 15 minutes of BS in a lifetime of water heater replacements. He most likely hasn't worked on a project that is larger than three floors and yet he somehow has risen to high rise status in the world of politics. He isn't even able to pull his own work permits for a project and has to work under somone else's name who is a plumber. He isn't able to pass a Master Plumber's exam that with a weekend of study I could train Alex to pass.

If this guy ever comes to Raleigh, NC he better be wearing a hard hat and a tool belt and be ready to talk to a few "real" plumbers, because I'll be right there with my soldering torch and flux him up a bit.

When I come to DC in May for Lobbying Day, I better get the same reception from those Republican offices I meet with as Angela the Plumber and the same respect they are giving this wannabee named Joe. But I wouldn't bet my good Hilti gun on that happening.

Hey Joe, grab me a left handed monkey wrench and a sky hook, or get back to work under that kitchen sink and show your butt crack off. You have a family to feed and your not doing that running of your mouth in DC.

Joe can't see the left-handed monkey wrench because he is the left-handed monkey wrench. He's nothing more than a tool being used by the republicans to keep their angry white male supporters thinking they are having their best interests looked after.

Did anyone else imagine a jobs bill with this guy as a consultant would end up looking like the car Homer Simpson was given free reign to design?

I wonder if he charged taxpayers $150 per hr to speak with Sen. Jim DeMint?

Way to go, Angela the Plumber! That's my girl!

Yep only in the good old USA can somebody like "Joe" become a self appointed expert over night on well every thing!

Move over Rush you bag of wind there a new voice in town its "Joe the Plumber"!

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | February 14, 2009 6:46 AM

Admittedly, meeting with staffers is well above his competence level, but the repugnantcans are running scared of Bubba finally figuring out that they are a bunch of empty suits who happily doubled the national debt. Yeah, the staffers heard "regular folks-common sense" from him for the appearance of catering to their bosses reelection. He is just a dumb tool.

Anderson Cooper said it best: "I can't believe we are still talking about this guy."

He'll have his own radio show soon.

I am enormously qualifed in the areas of finance and banking, which are at least closely related. No one has asked me to speak(ok, partly because I worked for a bank that shut down the US's line of credit) but really because meeting with "Hennessey, formerly of CreditAnstaldt and ING Barings" wouldn't get much media play but the Republicans meeting with the fabled and fab 'Joe the Plumber' will play well with the base of the party, who are about as base as they come.

A 'Bubba' advising upon spending cuts will lead to predictable cut recommendations: welfare, women's medical programmes including contraception, early childhood education, student loans, WIC, etc all of which woould actually accelerate the credit crisis

It is coming into focus now: Joe is being positioned to become Mama Palin's running mate in 2012.

Tax cuts are great common sense if you're in the top 2%. We sure could use some of that $2 trillion gift that Bush gave to them now.
And Angela, you can fix my toilet anyday. The landlord sure as hell isn't going to do it.