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Let's Define Our Terms: Bashing

Filed By Scott Kaiser | February 26, 2009 7:00 PM | comments

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This has been making the rounds for a while, but that's ok because it deserves and needs the widest possible audience. If you haven't seen this yet, please take a moment to watch.

The most effective thing you can do against groups like Christian Anti-Defamation League and their lies? Spread this video far and wide! Send it to your friends (particularly your straight friends) and post it on your own blogs. Only then people might begin to realize what we're up against.

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Thank you for posting this, Scott.

As the polarization of US society increases the role of religious cults as an organizing center for rightist and ultra rightist politics will increase. They already form a mass base that both centrist parties pander to and take quite seriously. Bush had Rove and Obama has Dubois.

We have to go on the offensive with these rightists and criticize them for their politics. Who really cares what variety of bizarre superstitions they embrace, it’s their politics that count.

We should advocate taxing them and fining them to pay compensation to victims of abuse.

We need to raise the question of cult schools including bigotry in their curriculum. First we want to close christist schools that use torture and abuse, including sexual abuse, to ‘cure’ young GLBT folks of their genetic heritage. The staff and the parents of young people thrown into these snakepits should be charged with child abuse. Second we should demand that no schools (or cults) be allowed to teach or preach that GLBT folks are sinners, that we should be subjected to ‘tough love’ or that we should be denied our civil rights. This is not a free speech issue it’s an issue of helping to prevent violence by bigoted thugs.

We should recognize that many straight cult members support us and that many from our communities are in cults. But we also have to remember that our straight cult ‘friends’ can be very fickle. In pre-Nazi Germany christists flirted with Magnus Hirschfelds Scientific-Humanitarian Committee and it’s openly gay offshoots but when the Nazi’s came to power it took them all of ten seconds to return to the fold of centuries of traditional christer homophobia and anti-Semitism.

There were exceptions, a handful of courageous catholic clergy and a few protestants like Bonhoeffer and Niemoeller but the vast majority of German christian clergy were Nazi sympathizers until May 1945 when an epidemic of amnesia struck German clerics. They conveniently forgot that their support for Hitler led to the murder of the disabled, the murder of thousands of Polish priests by German soldiers and the violent suppression of unions. And they forgot all about the holocaust and mass murder of GLBT folk.

For GLBT folks who are in cults our attitude should be supportive. Very few cults and cultists treat us like humans and many of them grew up into cults and have to sit and listen to bigoted drivel all the time. It never hurts to point out that religion is at best an unhealthy concoction of ideas that often skirt the edges of sanity. Sky Pixies, End Times, Thunder Gods, tithing, telling altar boys that jebuz also asked children to sit on his lap: it’s all pretty incredible and bizarre. Cults have caused terrible damage throughout history and religion has been accurately described as humankinds worst self-inflicted wound.

We never advocate anything these days...we just defend against accusations and what our opponents advocate concerning us, which in the case of a certain Colordao Senatror, is the "Final Solution of the Gay Question."

Advocating requires activism and the community seems to be dozing gain..

Maura, I agree and disagree.

We're under heavy, constant attack from christian bigots. As are feminists, scientists and others. The christers sense, and rightly so, that we’re prone to be critical and tend to become atheists. Which is why they faithfully follow their biblical duties mandated in Malachi 2.2,3, "If ye will not give glory unto my name saith the LORD ... I will spread dung upon your faces."

The problem is compounded by politicians who pander to the dung spreaders. Bill Clinton had Hillary Clinton of the ultraright protestant Fellowship, Bush had his Rove and Obama most certainly pays attention to Dubois. Congress is just as bad. Pelosi and Reid dumped the hate crimes bill. Barney and the Republicans dumped ENDA. Both DADT and DOMA passed overwhelmingly. Ask Mikulski and Biden, they know all about it.

I think we have been fighting back. November’s big losses, as opposed to similar losses in 2000 and 2004 did not result in widespread demoralization, which was palpable. They produced a spattering of very militant (candle light vigils excepted) mass demonstrations, big innovations in organizing with the web and cell phones and a bustle of solidarity demos in Canada, the EU and Japan. The potential is out there. It’s just leaderless.

The huge, if latent, strength of our movement can only be ignited after we create a nationwide, democratically run group with a mass action perspective independent of the Democrat and Republican leadership, because they are more enemies than friends.

Rick Elliott | February 27, 2009 3:29 AM

We need to realize that many denominations openly support GLBT folks. "Some" religious folks is more accurate.
A word to denominations battling over whether or not GLBT folk can hold office:
Each side cloaks its arguments with biblical quotes. Each side practices selective literalism for its debate--especially the right-wing groups. This is getting nowhere in solving the issue.
In practice it would force our opponents to theologically why they don't take kosher laws or the ritual cleansing, or circumcision. Then their selective literalism would be exposed for what it is--fear of someone that's not like me. It would be like Andersen's fable of The Emperor's New Clothes.

Bravo! Bravo!

That video should be required viewing for every religious right nutjob in the country. Period.

Thank you for posting this here. I've had this posted in my own blog for a while, and this provides some excellent examples for comparison.

I had not seen this yet, so thanks for posting. What an excellent video. Disturbing, as it should be.

Honestly, I think the video is a great idea, but the factual inaccuracies bug me. He gets the name of the Christian organization wrong, and then he butcher's the pronunciation of Bill Maher's name and the title of his movie.

Maybe small things, but I still wish he would make a new one and fix the errors.

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | February 28, 2009 8:46 PM

Wow, Scott, that is an incredibly powerful video. The narrative is well spoken and hard-hitting, and the images...well, it proves that one picture really CAN be worth a thousand words.

Thanks for posting this!!

Eshto, are you trolling? You're criticizing this for pronunciation?! You've got to be kidding--or trolling.

Thanks Brynn, but I have to direct all the accolades to the creator of the video. I don't know his name for certain, but I did send him a message via YouTube to let him know I was posting his video here and he responded to say thanks.

He has a YouTube channel here if you're interested in his other videos: