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Live blogging at Java Boys Fort Lauderdale

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Live blogging at Java Boys in Fort Lauderdale with my husband.

As the boys and girls (and same sex couples with kids in tow!) come pouring into Java Boys coffee house on this glorious Saturday morning, one takes note, and one wonders.

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That the chocolate chunk brownies are described on their clip card as fabulous is not surprising. That there will be a Sunday night viewing of the Oscars is not surprising. That a Titan Men porn star and jealous partner just strutted through the door is not surprising. That the flapping rainbow flags flanking the outdoor stools clear away the smokers' conversation is not surprising.

The hand of a man in a tank top on the butt of his boyfriend placing the order at the cash register is not surprising. The solo tourist looking for romance. The white-haired daddies looking for respite. The barrista with Penny Lane dreams of a better role. The clots of RSVP cruisers sampling the town before they get back on the boat. The fact that women weave through this crowd with no hint of begrudging acceptance from the guys. This is common Wilton Manors turf with nothing on the video screen that would shock the two small juice-sipping kids or vchipularly worry their two cargo-shorted dads. The music is set to vibe-archuleta.

One wonders about the future of the gay ghetto. Will it become obsolete? This one thrives, and pleasantly, and we who have always found ourselves settled in places furnished with neighborhoods and watering holes like this one continue to subscribe for reasons that change as we flip the calendar of our fabulous chocolate chunk brownie life. One wonders about all of you who read this in places without a gay ghetto? Do you feel in some way deprived of this type of community and interaction?

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I'd love to live in a gay ghetto for at least a little while.

My friends in Montreal say, "Live in the Village once, but leave before you start hating gay people."

I think that neighbourhoods will take the place of ghettos; the people who love the character will stay, even if they're just allies, and the people passing through will have some fun before finding their real home.

I have been a constant at JB for months. If you would tell everyone there including Steven and Nikky hello for me. I have relocated to Chicago and if there is one thing I miss about fort lauderdale it is Java boys. I almost changed my address to JB at Wilton Plaza....thanks to everyone for making me feel at home and having my coke and sprinkle cookies ready for me, microwaved at 15 seconds in a bag or 25 seconds on a plate. It was fun sitting in there for hours looking for work. I will contact you later...take care David Michaud