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Racist, prostitute-hating police officers beat up little girl and press charges against her

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File this under "fucked up."

Two years ago, 12-year-old Dymond Milburn, who's black, was out resetting a broken circuit in her yard when four plainclothes police officers, who were in the neighborhood on a call they got that three white prostitutes were there, tried to arrest her. She grabbed a tree and called for her father, so they did the logical thing and beat her up and threatened to shoot her dog. Turns out they had the wrong house, and Dymond ended up in the hospital.

She's filed suit against them but they pressed charges against her for "assaulting a public servant." After the first trial resulted in a mistrial because one of the police officers lied on the stand accusing Dymond's dad of being a drug dealer. She was arrested again in school and now the closing arguments just finished in the second trial. Apparently, they pressed charges against her to shield the officers from the lawsuit her family filed against them.

So what universe are we living in when four grown, armed men are pressing assault charges against a 12-year-old girl who they attacked? Well, the same sort of universe where a cop can shoot a man, execution-style, who's handcuffed and sitting down and the first thing his buddies think to do is collect the cell phones people used to take video and pictures of it.

This shouldn't happen. We pay these people's paychecks, and they are not above the law.

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Gee Alex, you are just now figuring out that Amerika is a police state? We descended into fascism a while back.

Your car and home can be taken away for the accusation of drug trafficing, no proof required, no presumption of innocence. Just one pig making an accusation absent anything but his word.

These abuse of individuals goes on all the time in minority neighborhoods.

We lost what was left of freedom of assembly and the right to petition government for grievances all at once at the beginning of the Bush dictatorship....
"free speech zones?????" the whole freakin' country is supposed to be one. The real question is whether or not our basic civil rights (like everyones) will be restored under the Obama-Nation. I'm a hellva lot more concerned with the restoration of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights than I am over GM or ENDA....but that's me.

You know 12 year olds are a huge threat to America. Especially when they're holding on to trees...