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Really? Michelle Malkin is complaining about this one?

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Both opponents of Prop 8 in California and Amendment 2 in Florida have set up websites to show the names of donors and their zip code based on information given to their respective states' secretaries of state. The NY Times did a story on the one in California, and, honestly, I would have expected better from them.

They repeat the same "gays gone violent" meme that conservatives are pushing to posit themselves as the perpetual victims:

FOR the backers of Proposition 8, the state ballot measure to stop single-sex couples from marrying in California, victory has been soured by the ugly specter of intimidation.

Some donors to groups supporting the measure have received death threats and envelopes containing a powdery white substance, and their businesses have been boycotted.

Really? Death threats? How come the right, which is quick to publish any information to make their whines seem any more real, has yet to come forward with any proof? And why did the Times publish that statement without at least a "some say" in front of it?

The threats of violence, when it comes to conflicts between gays and homophobes, are overwhelmingly unidirectional. For decades, it's been them beating us up, killing us in the street and locking us up in prison for no reason. And there doesn't seem like that's going to be changing any time soon, no matter the biggest whines coming from conservatives right now.

But Michelle Malkin linked approvingly to the article. It makes sense - when it comes to conservatives who wet their pants at the sight of anyone who's a little bit different, Malkin is their general. She's the most fear-mongering leader of the most cowardly army on the planet; her commenters are literally quaking in their boots because some prop 8 supporters were sent sternly-worded emails. Some LGBT people even stopped going to their businesses because they didn't want to hand over their money to people who'd just give it over to homophobes.

I know, I know, it's hard to imagine how these folks will survive, what with receiving upwards of half a dozen sternly-worded emails. But Malkin's commenters are here to protect people's rights to donate to a flatly homophobic cause and not have to hear the peons respond:

Whether or not you support gay marriage, these tactics are nasty and cowardly and you should be calling them out, not trying to justify it. It sounds to me like all the supposedly moderate Muslims out there who are completely silent for some reason.

Seems that the surge against al-Gayda finally paying dividends.

The Queer lobby is but one more attack dog of the Left in it's incessant war against the family. The GayLadies and DykesOnBikes crowd claim they just want in, to be treated equally, but they are lying. I imagine the NYT included that piece in despair as their Child Molester in Chief Justice Ginsberg is sick.

But do not despair Perverts of the World, President Obama and your Senate will keep the Justices' seat in Pervert hands to be sure. It is an extension of No Child's Behind Left Alone.

I also wonder why the limp wristed warriors have not gone after the Christian blacks and Catholic hispanics for their roll in defending family values in the People's Republic of Kalifornia. Could it possibly be the yellow streak running down their backs? After all most white American's obey the law and are disarmed by the state and are easy prey when out numbered by the gay mobs. However, in neighborhoods controlled by the hispanic and black gang culture I wouldn't want to bet on their chances of survival should they decide to throw one of their terrible little tantrums.

If these folks stopped participating in the political process, I doubt the country would suffer.

But it's funny that these folks care complaining about potential boycotts of prop 8 donors' businesses when they were the ones who sent certified letters demanding money from those who donated against prop 8... or else. It's also a little funny that Michelle Malkin is complaining about donors' names being published, when she made a name for herself in the blogosphere by publishing the names and addresses of college students she disagreed with, which resulted in actual death threats, not imaginary ones:

Right now, the dark-haired, lashy, Ann Coulter understudy is happily wrapped in one of her typical controversies: a crew of students at UC Santa Cruz, my alma mater, protested some military recruiters, and Malkin got hold of a press release with their personal contact information -- a poorly conceived inclusion on the students' part, but then, these are undergraduates, not trained media flacks. Rather than calling and speaking to them herself, which is what members of the press are supposed to use such releases for, Malkin published their personal information on her website, prompting her hordes of orcish mouth-breathers to brandish their pitchforks and inundate the unsuspecting students with death threats (some of which you can read here). When the students frantically called on Malkin to remove their numbers, she posted their contact information again.[...]

Malkin lays claim to no such ignorance. A skilled and experienced rhetorical warrior, she saw the pale, white flesh of their throats and lunged. The vicious always seek out the weak. Rather than forgive their poorly-written, too-revealing press release, she published their oversight, opening them to danger and harm. If any of these students are hurt by a crazed Malkinite, the blood will drip from her hands, the guilt will burden her shoulders. But forgive her just the same, for there is nought else she can do.

It's more than ironic that these folks are complaining about three things - their privacy, their right to express their beliefs without others sending them nastygrams, and their safety - all three of which have been historically denied to LGBT folk.

Privacy? Hell, if these people had their way the police would be able to break into our bedrooms and throw us in prison for having sex with members of the wrong sex.

Nastygrams? We're on the receiving end of hateful speech usually starting in elementary school and ending... well, never. Just visit any homophobes' organizations website and there'll be plenty of mean words for us there, waiting, based not on our actions, our donations to political causes, or our beliefs, but based on who we are. And that cuts deeper.

And safety? Safety? They're worried about death threats that they can't even prove happened, while we're getting shot to death in schools and beaten up by the police. Lots of us are too afraid of violence to even hold hands in public. That whine couldn't be any more ridiculous.

The right has peddled violence as the solution to all their problems for decades, and they use it with an astonishing frequency. But even send them a sternly-worded email, make them realize for a moment that they hurt real people, and they start fainting, calling the cops and trying to get everyone locked up, completely forgetting the context of their original action: they decided to hold a vote to see whether people liked teh gayz or not, and then they campaigned away around $45 million to convince people that there wasn't anything likable about us. And they won their stupid popularity contest - 52% of Californians said they didn't much like us.

So, yeah, we're mad, but we're not getting violent. Not even a smidgen as violent as these folks have been, historically, against us.

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Well, to be fair : they are American citizens, and they do have a right to complain against any harrassments or threats against them. That those threats might pale, historically, compared to what gays have gone through doesn't negate that.

My God! Their business have been boycotted. WHO has been boycotting LGBT friendly businesses for years?

And no one has come forward with conclusions about the white powder.

Just how many Marines have been beaten to death by their comrades for sleeping with a straight "woman born woman?"

How many straights have been murdered only to have their killers walk after short sentences due to a "straight panic" defense?

So we are Al-Gayda? Perhaps we ought to earn the epithet; not thorugh violence, but through unending disruptions of events held or for the benefits of our enemies.

Why don't we target blacks? Sounds like you would like us to, Michelle, to do your bigoted work for you.
We do not target them because race had nothing to do with voting on prop eitght; adherence to intolerant evangelical religions, Mormonism or Catholicism did(though the Catholics don't have the animus towards us that the other two groups do even if their heriarchy does)

Al-Gayda, eh?
Well, beware of IAE's at your next church function. (IAE: Improvised Annoying Event)

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | February 9, 2009 9:52 PM

"Gays gone wild?" I like that.

And Maura, you are so right on.

Gerri Ladene | February 9, 2009 11:50 PM

Michelle Malkin must be the reincarnation of Julius Streicher, or least a descendant. These people will say anything to dehumanize those who they feel hatred for, this is the base of Orwellian propaganda. Just as POPE Benedict XVI has denounced gender theory, warning that it blurs the distinction between male and female and could thus lead to the "self-destruction" of the human race. All these people hate in the same way, they hate Freedom and they especially hate those who think differently than them.

Actually, this line made me think of Catholic priests, the Pope, and the Vatican. "But do not despair Perverts of the World, President Obama and your Senate will keep the Justices' seat in Pervert hands to be sure. It is an extension of No Child's Behind Left Alone." They are the largest organization of closet pedophiles in the world and loudest purveyors of division of society through religious bigotry by promoting fear of innocent people whose only crime is to want to be treated equally. Quote the Pope,"Everything that serves to weaken the family based on the marriage of a man and woman, everything that directly or indirectly stands in the way of its openness to the responsible acceptance of new life ... constitutes an objective obstacle on the road to peace," see how he turns it around on people wanting equal rights. The Pope is a sham, just as all those so-called Evangelists and their mouthpieces that keep spouting lies based on the Anarchism spouted from Rome.

And why do they promote fear of us? Just look at their history, they are the American version of Al-Qieda which is why they always use fear tactics to promote their Anarchistic beliefs! And this is what people like Michelle Malkin base their power from, lying to create division because they do not want people to enjoy true freedom and equality and in order to maintain their power they need to create victims by creating lies about people who do not Goose-Step with them! I think Michelle must have studied at the Vatican's college of Nazi propaganda, she sure sounds like a Nazi propagandist!

Gerri Ladene | February 10, 2009 6:53 AM

Sorry Alex,I should commend you on your faithful disclosure of the Fourth Reich's tactics in this age old culture war that they keep waging against Liberty! I thoroughly enjoy reading your contributions to political awareness and correctness. Keep it coming (:

Let's remember one thing:

For the anti-gay crowd, the truth is meaningless. They don't care about truth or accuracy. They have already made up their minds and so they will reject any and everything that does not confirm their prejudice.

"Some say" is a wonderful tool for them. It doesn't matter if there isn't any actual source for the claim, or that the claim itself is totally made up. It sounds right, so it must be true.

"Some say" that Michele Malkin had Jesse Jackson's love child. "Some say" that Sally Kern likes to shove pine cones up her ass. "Some say" that the sky is green. "Some say" that Ann Coulter has a tail. See how easy that is? No proof is needed. If it sounds right, it must be true.

Remember: these people do not see us as human or equal to them in any way. We are the worst, most horrible and terrible creatures to ever walk the earth. We are without morals, vicious and ready to stalk and kill without a moment's hesitation - at least when we're not being labeled as "limp wristed" or effeminate.