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Senatorial Lessons on MTV

Filed By Steve Ralls | February 13, 2009 10:00 AM | comments

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Apparently, Colorado State Senator Ted Harvey (pictured) hasn't yet heard the news about Chris Brown & Rihanna.

Ted Harvey.jpgSenator Harvey, who is infamous in Colorado political circles for his unwavering anti-immigrant views and his far-right stances on issues of civil rights and personal liberties, recently told a constituent, without the slightest bit of irony evident in his letter, that same-sex relationships are "dangerous for the individuals involved and will lead to the degradation of society."

The Senator's letter, in response to a constituent request that he support Senate Bill 88 to extend health insurance benefits to state employees' domestic partners, failed (of course) to make any mention of facts or statistics supporting his argument. Nor did he characterize exactly what constitutes gay relationship "danger." But he has, we can deduce, come to the conclusion that abusive heterosexual rock stars are far less threatening than, say, lesbian talk show hosts who dance an opening sequence to the latest hit by Melissa Etheridge.

Because, while couples like Chris Brown and Rihanna allegedly slug their way through well-publicized "bliss," it is the loving gay and lesbian couples who are in mortal peril of being taken down by those they love.

The bill Harvey opposes, you see, would grant benefits to committed same-sex couples. Currently, the Colorado State Government discriminates against the unmarried domestic partners of lesbian and gay state employees by denying them health insurance benefits. At this time, only the married spouses of state employees are eligible to receive those benefits. But Senate Bill 88 would change that practice by extending equal treatment to unmarried same-sex couples . . . and, by extension, decrease the overall costs of emergency healthcare for uninsured Colorado residents.

Nonetheless, Harvey says that he is "absolutely opposed to this bill and will never support it."

That's not good news for hardworking government employees in Colorado. Not only has Senator Harvey insulted their relationships, but he is also advocating denying them well-earned benefits that are available to others who happen to be married. In truth, what Senator Harvey is "absolutely opposed to" is equal treatment for some of Colorado's families. And there's hardly anything more anti-family than denying medical benefits to some families.

What's more degrading to society than perpetuating second-class citizenship under the law?

That's why it's time to email the Senator - at [email protected] - and demand that he stop spreading myths about our families and relationships, and start treating everyone fairly. It's a lesson so simple you can learn it on MTV.

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Apparently, Colorado State Senator Ted Harvey (pictured) hasn't yet heard the news about Chris Brown & Rihanna.

Apparently, Colorado State Senator Ted Harvey is a rightwing nutjob.