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Shut up Cheney

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Our Inaugural viewing pod thought Dick Cheney's wheelchair was a clever ploy. We didn't fall for it. He couldn't have strained his back lifting file boxes. The files had all been shredded months ago. We bet the wheelchair was intended to garner him some Pinochetish sympathy. Who would prosecute an old, stooped, white haired man in a wheelchair for war crimes? Uh, Dick would.

Well, he's baaaaack! In an interview with Politico, Cheney astride his high horse, patiently side-mouthed to his scribes that Obama's policies invited terrorist attacks. He denounced the closing of Gitmo and bemoaned the suspension of his favorite interrogation techniques.

Which caused MSNBC's Keith Olbermann to go into an eleven-minute, high dudgeon rant addressed directly to Cheney, with a lot of "You sirs" and squinty, glinty eyeballing. As if Cheney were home watching Countdown on his flat panel TV while cleaning his gun. Olbermann finished, and man was he steamed, but it was hard to take seriously because he'd just finished sucking up to Super Bowl players on ESPN. I bet if Cheney was in his barcalounger, back from padding off for another beer, he merely groused, "So?" and shot the TV.

At least George has the decency just to go Baylor basketball games and keep his mouth shut. Okay, cancel the decency.
Old Dick does not follow the Obama way. I wish Obama didn't either. I know it's only seventeen days. I know, after eight years, I have to give the new uber-bipartisan gestalt a chance to work. I've tried it a few times in my relationship when we're wrangling about something like, oh, money. I just stop and say, "Honey, that's not the Obama way." And we hug.

But from up here in Manhattan, the former financial capital of the world, where more and more stunned young men in everyday-is-casual-day pressed Dockers are seen at the playground mid-afternoon, one hand pushing a kid on a swing, the other thumbing a Blackberry, I just want to say to DC, "Do not make me come down there."

In his monologue Cheney also grumped that nobody saw something of the size and dimension of our economic collapse occurring. That sounds similar to his claim about the 2001 terrorist attacks. So if he now sees another terrorist attack coming, perhaps he can look out his Wyoming ponderosa windows and see the depression coming, and warn his little conservative, obstructionist pals about it. If certain Republican senators do not like Obama's stimulus plan, then fine, your state will not get any of the moneys. Is that bipartisan enough?

In the teeth of the economic storm, I often feel silly yapping about LGBT identity politics. "We have no job, no home and little food," seems to trump, "I want my gay rights!"

John D'Emilio, professor of history and gender studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago, said recently that it might be more helpful to recalculate our Gay Positioning System. Gay activists can join with labor, civil rights activists, immigrant rights workers, youth organizers and peace activists and together denounce the terrible success of other identity movements - the perfect storm of the filthy rich and Christian conservative identity movements.

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"If certain Republican senators do not like Obama's stimulus plan, then fine, your state will not get any of the moneys. Is that bipartisan enough?" - OMG that's BRILLIANT! The best idea I've heard yet. I'd love for John Boehner, Jim DeMint, Lindsey Graham, and John McCain to ponder that notion for a bit. Sadly, it would never work, but I LOVE the thought.

Frankly, I don't want Cheney to shut up, I want him to keep talking, and keep reminding us why the American electorate voted for Obama and the Dems in a landslide.

The more Cheney spouts off, the more certain we can be of a second term for Obama and a continually strengthening Democratic majority in Congress.

I am attracted by the LGBT "repositioning" idea...for instance, we could be supporting Hispanic American and Human Rights in Maricopa County, Az, where the Sheriff is doing "Night and Fog" sudden attack immigration sweeps and keeping the detainees in an outdoor compound with an electrified fence after marching them through city streets in chains to get there. He also has the only known female

We ought to be out there, as citizens uniquely attuned to civil rights issues

sorry, only known female chain gang in the world.

Oops, I'm so sorry. The "Sista, Pulleeze" retort was meant for the commentor, RJ, and not for MauraHennessey, with whom I heartily concur.

I'm originally from Phoenix, Maricopa County, AZ. Anyone who commits a crime in the Maricopa County jurisdiction will end up in Tent City, regardless of their citizenship status. Sheriff Joe started doing this in the early 1990s, so if he has violated any laws of the State of AZ or the US, they would have shut him down a long time ago. He may have crossed the line on his roundup of anyone who is illegal, but sadly, the mindset of most Arizonians is okay with that. You would not believe how many heated arguments I've had with my mother, who still lives in Phoenix.

He has made the tent city "Hispanic Only" Monica, and conducted the embarrasing and humiliating display of marching his Hispanic detainees through a street that he closed for the purpose of holding this anti-Hispanic equivalent of the Germans parading down the Champs-Elysees in 1940. Ths is a new tent city complete with electrified fence.

All that he needs to complete the image ia a gate with a "Work Visas Make You Free" sign over it.

Night and Fog style sweeps.
Ethnic Cleansing objectives
A county that by and large lets him get away with anything, including clearing speakers out of public meetings despite the objection of the legislature.
Intimidation of mayors of largely Hispanic jurisdictions
Raids on Phoenix municipal buildings in the middle of the night without notifying Phoenix officials.

This is a cause that we could and should ally with. Because, prior to 2003, it could have been su that he was picking up in his sweeps...

Yes, no dissent shall be heard. And you folks claim to be about about "tolerance" and "respect for diversity"... tolerating and respecting only those whose views are in Lefty-lockstep with your own extremism. Like it or not, not all LGBT folk are LeftyLib on every issue; how are Democrat/liberal/leftwing economic policies LGBT issues? How is the prosecution of the fight against those who would terrorize Americans one whose tactics are only Democrat-endorsed an approved and LGBT issue?

Not all LGBT folks afraid of dissenting views, feeling a need to ridicule them. But, if the loathsome Keith Olberman is one's touchstone, the Big Lie tactics of ridicule are sadly appropriate.

Oh, Please;
Everyone knows that most of the gay men and all of the trans-people secretely vote Republican. The men like all of that military hell for leather stuff and the BDSM club at Guantanamo Bay, the T's of course are big fans of the Sarah Palin wardrobe

It is the sisterhood that can be called "Lefty Liberal Lesbians"

Please don't generalise; the Log Cabins will get hissier than they do when Patrick Sammon breaks a nail....

Stereotypes, anyone?

I don't think that wheel chair added much to cheney's look. Isn't he like only 60 or something? Homegirl has aged badly.

Maura and we'po' make my point brilliantly. Your intellectual rigor ("Sista, puhleeeze"- Mensa material if ever I've read it!) as well as your tolerance of and for differing views would have been right at home in Germany, circa the 1930's.