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Teenager Accused of Using Facebook to Blackmail Classmates

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Shocking news comes out of Wisconsin, where Anthony Stancl, 18, has been accused of using the wildly popular social networking site, Facebook, to coerce fellow male students into sex acts.

STANCL_-anthony.jpgPolice discovered Stancl's actions after confiscating his computer after tracing a bomb threat to his school to his personal computer. After investigating the contents of his computer, Police investigators discovered that Stancl had been using Facebook to pose as a teenage girl. In this guise, Stancl convinced over 30 of his fellow students and young boys, as young as 13, as alleged, to send him pictures of themselves naked. Police then allege that Stancl used these compromising photographs as leverage to blackmail students into performing sex acts on him, everywhere from the school bathroom, to a public library, and a community park. The news reports stipulate that while Stancl had received pictures of children as young as 13, he only coerced sex from students between the age of 15-18.

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A victim who came forward stated that the coercion began when he was 15. It is claimed that Stancl took pictures of and recorded each of their sexual encounters and threatened the release of the images if the student ever came forward. Police found over 300 pictures and video clips of New Berlin boys on Stancl's computer and an additional 600 some professionally developed pictures and videos of child pornography.

Stancl, who is a legal adult, is facing astronomical criminal charges levied against him, which could add up to nearly 300 years in prison.

News story from jsonline.com

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Boys pretending to be girls to get naked pictures of other boys is worse than a bomb scare?

I think the problem isn't so much with the naked pictures... it's the whole coercion of sex with minors. Granted, the perpetrator is barely a legal adult, but it's clear that all of this bordered on, if not full constituted rape.

Well you may be (are) right. But I can't help but think that had the shoe been on the other foot and instead of doing the bathroom sex then his "victims" had beat the tar out of him the report would be something along the lines of boys will be boys...

He was out of line, but not 300 years worth.

This guy deserves major jail time for sure. 300 years does seem a bit ridiculous, but he's certainly old enough to understand that he was blackmailing these boys, and that blackmail is a crime.

Frankly I don't see how his sexuality enters into it in any way. Were he doing this to girls or were he actually a girl and doing it to boys the crime would be the same and no less horrific.

Um, yeah, this is child rape. I have no comment on the 300 years, other than that he probably won't get or do that much time, but it does seem that they're taking this more seriously than they would had he blackmailed girls.

Either way this kid does seem to have problems. A fake bomb threat is one of the easiest ways to get your computer confiscated since terrorism generally gets investigated in the US, and one would think he wouldn't want his computer to be confiscated.