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The gay way to pick up the garbage?

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"I think it's great that young LGBT people have a safe place to figure things out for themselves. And if they're excited about drag queens presenting cash bonuses to the school, that's great too. But I also think that Harvey Milk's greatest lesson is being lost here: that LBGT have greater opportunity for acceptance when they turn off the camp.

"Harvey bought a suit, left the bathhouses and combed his hair in order to win San Francisco over -- and he did. We should be teaching all kids -- gay and straight -- the same. After all, there's no gay way to pick up the garbage, but you most certainly can't do it in 6-inch heels either."

-- NewYorkTimes.com commenter "Big Al" on the story, Drag Queen Brings Gift to Harvey Milk School.

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I'd hedge a bet that anyone who can jump off of tables, bars, or stages in 4-6" heels can probably pick up garbage in them, too.

Curtis Fitzgerald | February 28, 2009 4:53 PM

"bought a suit, left the bathhouses and combed his hair" What's the point of encouraging diversity if everyone should conform to the societal norm?

that's right, we queens can pick up garbage in heels. and we can kick butt on loudmouth punks like "big al", too. the closet queens that don't mind conforming to the homophobic needs of their straight "massa's" have had control over the gay rights movement for too long...since lee brewster threw her tiara at the crowd. f*ck gay rights, if it means you have to pretend to be straight. or act it. be queer and be proud. united enda says just that. the queers are getting gay rights back. suck on it, and enjoy...

You know, the same guy also made an interesting point on sexual harassment:

I think some of the cases of sexual harassment we've seen lately can act as a great lesson: women have a much smaller risk of being sexually harassed when they turn off the breasts.

Yeah right, "Big Al". Save it for Bill O'Reilly.