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The last acceptable prejudice

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"So long as it is legitimated by society, religion, and politics, homophobia will spawn hatred, contempt, and violence, and it will remain our last acceptable prejudice."

-- Bryne Fone in the last sentence of his book "Homophobia: A History"

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In a word: Bullshit. Just ask Massachusetts, where gays can get married but transpeople can still be thrown out of their homes and fired from their jobs perfectly legally.

Goddess save me from shortsighted gay elitism...

just another reader | February 20, 2009 2:26 AM

A great book, but a terrible final chapter (and introduction... I think he makes similar assertions there).

It's sad that the queers need to claim homophobia as the "last acceptable prejudice" as though all of the work against the other "isms" has been completed. Wake up, folks. Not only is transphobia thriving, but racism, sexism, classism... the list goes on... are still alive and kicking, too.

Why create a hierarchy of oppressions when there is no need to -- and when all it does it burn bridges that could help to sustain all advocacy efforts? I want so desperately to work with LGB advocates on trans-related issues, but because of posts like this, I feel continually unheard. And the gender-variant folks feel unheard by the transgender folks. And the intersex folks feel unheard by us all. (And this completely leaves out queers of color, etc., etc., etc. Do you see where I'm going with this?)

Really, Bil. I respect what you've put together here. I really do. But these conversations have happened here before -- and sometimes it feels like YOU don't listen. Please, take a moment to think beyond your bubble, and extend a hand into someone else's.

Your arguments are valid and I'm glad the quote brought up the discussion of transphobia and other times of oppression.