Bil Browning

Ugliest. Caterpillar. Ever.

Filed By Bil Browning | February 06, 2009 3:00 PM | comments

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Tags: college guys, mens' ass, showing off butt, ugly caterpillar

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I think I stayed at that hostel once...

Looks like a typical night in my house.

They sure enhanced graphics on the Centipede video game since I last played it.

I know several people who would take two looks at the picture and after realizing the full ramifications of what they were looking at go, "Yummy a buffet!"; but regardless any of the commentary that could come off this picture, it would be, well - cheeky, to say the least.

Bil, I gotta hand it to you, literally, you have over done yourself this time. Gives a new meaning to Rump Roast definitely. I thought the game was to pin the tale on the donkey not to play jenga with the frat bois. Of course, as long as I am underneath when they fall I wont complain either, woof.

No accounting for taste I guess, but I think it's the prettiest caterpillar I've ever seen!

"No, that's *not* how you have butt sex!"

Some tribes in Africa eat caterpillars ... That caterpillar needs to be dipped in chocolate before I'll eat it!

Rick Elliott | February 7, 2009 3:01 AM

Well--I certqinly would like to be part f the caterpillar. Yes, definitely--dipped in dark chocolate. You might call it--"Hole-istic treatment for the horneys.

I'm sorry has to stoop to putting up something like this. Makes me rethink about continuing to follow the blogs.

Ewwww. The top one needs a wax job or Nair for men.. Looks like a greek forest growing in the crack.

Oh, Charles! Don't you recognize a hot, hairy little butt-crack when you see one? Different people have different tastes ... and different butt-cracks do, too.

What is the original source of the photo? Resolution is reduced too much to read the URL at the bottom, although it looks like kanji as well as some text.

I have no idea, Dave. I'm pretty sure it came to me over e-mail that day.