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Why is Rachel Maddow sexy?

Filed By Alex Blaze | February 25, 2009 3:30 PM | comments

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To RachelMaddow2.jpgme (and, yes, I find her sexy), it's about the fact that she doesn't bark her opinion into a camera. Instead, she dissects issues carefully and is open to long discussions of policy matters. It's probably the same reason I think of Glenn Greenwald similarly....

Judy Berman tackles the pressing issue of Maddow's sexiness over at Salon:

It's true that while the butch-femme dichotomy has already broken down among many younger lesbians -- I'm hard-pressed to categorize any of my mid-20s lesbian friends as either -- Maddow is still a butch in my book (and her own). And besides, I think Merkin misses something major about what makes Maddow sexy: the nerdiness! From the "Poindexter glasses" to the Oxford Ph.D. to her perfectly crafted sarcasm, Maddow is as geek-chic as she is lesbian-chic.

I'm not going to make any comments about the rise and fall of the butch/femme in the lesbian community (but have at it in the comments because I'm interested in learning your opinions on the topic), but the geek chic thing sounds about right to me. After the jump is Team Gina's famous tribute to the butch/femme dynamic.

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Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | February 26, 2009 8:50 AM

I'm not sure about terming it "sexy", but I absolutely LOVE her! Sort of a feisty, cheery-with-with-just-the-right-smattering-of-cynicism American Applie Pie with an unmistakeably lavendar crust! May she live long and prosper.

I'm a big fan of geek-chic. (Look at my husband for geek-lovin' proof!) And Rachel reminds me of a butcher version of Tina Fey - another geeky-chic woman (although more femme than butch).

I saw this yesterday and didn't have time to read and comment...
Yes that is it! GEEK chic. Just like Obama is..It's HOT to be smart again! Yippee.

I have been a 'geek' all my life. No one else in my hometown was, I was a complete outsider ... never even want to see anyone from my highschool again ever. But its a good fit to live in a college town. Hubby and I found that out years ago. That is where we fit.

Course Rachel's thang is that she is just cute, not cute as in cheerleader cute, but cute as in animated pretty 'cute'. She dimples, and bubbles and blushes and keep spouting out the carefully nuanced complex sentences and questions.

Her show last night with Pelosi was Classic, deference, hard questions and the acceptance of a put down at the end.
LOVE HER TO DEATH...she is the future of TV journalism I hope.

I missed her interview with Pelosi, who could use some lessons from her on how to better hold a half-smile (or whatever that is) when standing behind the President for an hour-long speech. Ugh!

You can download a full-length video podcast of her show from MSNBC on iTunes. I am sans-cable and that's how I get my Maddow-fix.

I have a thing for soft butches so I think Rachel is very sexy, not to mention smart, witty, and interesting.

I dunno...maybe it's a visceral thing. She's appealing to so many on different levels that she has that kind of universal likability which leads to success in radio and television.

The Pelosi interview was great. It's a must-watch. You can also see the entire unedited Pelosi interview at the show website: