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A Murder in Fort Lauderdale

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The body of Larry Ellison, a 68 year old resident of Wilton Manors, was found in his home by friends who wondered why he had not arrived for dinner with them. He had been murdered. The police and media reports are vague, but note that his car, a silver Infiniti FX35 with Illinois tag number LBE14, was stolen.

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The real news quickly ran through the gay community. Larry Ellison met someone at the gay beach and brought him home.

I didn't know the victim, but he and some friends briefly intersected with me and mine at a local restaurant a few days before his death.

In somber discussion of this incident all over town, we are all reminding each other of the dangers of hooking up with strangers. The popularity of Manhunt and other cruising mechanisms lulls us into a false sense of safety, as if that virtual crowd of the like-minded is somehow with us even in the ensuing private moments. Someone mentioned today that he would never bring a stranger into his home, and that this unfortunate incident illustrates one strong advantage gained by going to bath houses and sex clubs. This I strongly seconded.

We live in a dangerous world of equally malevolent gods and monsters.

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I am so sorry to hear this. I knew him from Weight Watchers online "Guys On A Diet" chat room. We met about 5 years ago at a WW reunion of our group in New York. How sad. He was a very nice man and kept the guys motivated to lose weight.

Charles, I'm alive and well. It's a different Larry.

Larry - glad to hear you're still with us! *grins*

Thanks for the details, Tony. Please keep us up to date as the police investigate.

I think that I will stick with meeting people through introductions from friends....

Any chance that this is a hate crime, give the amount of homophobia fanned in FtL by the potty mayor?

The world gets smaller with every turning. Tony and Charles, I'm sorry for your loss.

The last I heard a year ago he had found a partner and was very happy at Wilton and I lost track of him. He was from New Jersey, so I don't know about the Illinois plates on his car. When I first met him he had lost his mother and he was very upset, over eating and gaining alot of weight. He took cruises on luxury liners, then he decided to lose weight because he didn't like his body and wanted to find a lover. He was well versed in political gay rights and introduced issues,even though many guys there to lose weight were straight they accepted him and were educated by him. A great loss. He was just looking for love and picked the wrong one. When we get older we gays must not kid ourselves into thinking that guys like us for our sex appeal or fatherly image. It's about money and with meth addicts out there getting violent for the next fix anything can happen. We are the prey of the desperate.

Thank you for your complimentary comments ... but, again, I'm happily married. I met that wonderful guy and live most of the year now in Canada with my husband.

Thankfully, this wasn't me. I think I may have met this Larry, but I'm not sure.

Hope you are well.

Oh Larry,
I am so glad and happy that you are indeed alive and well. I apologize. I let GOAD know, and got this e-mail.

In a message dated 3/16/2009 6:25:08 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:

Are you sure that Larry Elison was Larry2006 on the goad board? I remember you and Larry along with several others who have since left. Apparently there was some inappropriate gay bashing from some of the posters and Larry left the board. I was sorry to see him go, and ChoirBehr as well. There seems to be some confusion about Larry's last name, and I figured you could confirm it.




At first blush, Larry Ellison rang a bell in the library of my memory and I associated it with you given the Wilton Manors and approximate age. Then I remembered, I did research on Oracle and the CEO and founder is named Larry Ellison. That is reason I got your name mixed up with his.

Dan - The husband | March 16, 2009 12:26 PM

Wow, Charles. When you're wrong, you're wrong. Larry never lived in Wilton. Larry is still quite happily married to the right one. The issues you speak of, are absolutely none of your business, and is not something you should share about a person, dead or alive. You sound like quite the self-loathing gay guy. The worst kind. You really should be ashamed of yourself. Nice to see you've painted a picture of every younger/older gay relationship out there. Sounds like you need a long look at yourself. You seem quite unhappy. Maybe you should see someone about that. I feel sorry for you. Not every young guy out there into oldermen has an agenda, other than love and respect. And please stop posting about people you "harldy" know on the Weight Watchers site. It's inappropriate.

Wow Dan
It was a well meaning mistake on my part and I thought those who knew Larry would be interested and with sympathy. I didn't imply that older men and younger men couldn't have a committed relationship or marriage. Again, I am sure (GOAD's) Larry said he sold real estate at Wilton Manors and had a house there with his cat.
As a matter of fact my husband Kevin and I are legally married in the state of California and he is 20 years younger, and we are very happy. I apologize for the confusion. It's risky picking up strangers, and I did not mean that to apply to you are Larry.


Pull the claws back in. Charles was well-meaning and he's not the most tech savvy. I'm confident he was upset about what he thought was a friend's death and missed Larry's earlier reply.

Plus, I feel obligated to point out that while it's inappropriate to say the things Charles said, he didn't say anything defamatory about Larry - instead he painted Larry out as a very nice and kind gentleman. Your aspersions on Charles's mental health, however, are extremely ugly. His warning to elderly gay men is completely appropriate and not a blanket statement on summer/winter relationships.

I think you owe him an apology for the callousness of your comment. Charles can be a challenge, but he was well meaning in his mistake. There was no need to get mean and hateful.

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Thanks for your support and understanding. I can understand Dan's irritation. I didn't make myself clear. I meant picking someone up off a beach was risky not marriage. Happy that he and Larry are safe and in love. I did'nt sleep much that night at the original tragic news remembering Larry on the message board. We had many conversations. My thoughts are with Larry Ellison and his loved ones. Again, sorry I made the mistaken identity.
Father Tony hope you will keep us updated.

Charles, just for the record ... I never owned a house in Wilton Manors ... I never owned a house in Florida, for that matter. We own a condo in another town in the greater Fort Lauderdale area.

My sympathies are with the friends and family of Larry Ellison.

Well said, Bil.
Whenever we do death-or-life posts, there is bound to be strong feeling, but we must bind ourselves to greater restraint.

Dan - The husband | March 17, 2009 9:01 AM

It is really is shame that this has taken over the actual story here. This will be my last reply about this.

I have no intentions on apologizing for my comments. Charles is talking like Larry was a dear friend, and he wasn't. They met once, at a dinner in NYC, with many others present. Also, to give out very false information about him is purely insulting. His mother's death had 0% to do with his weight gain. A real friend would know that. So, to talk about him like a long-lost friend is pure fabrication. Also, if something had happened to my Larry, it would be MY choice if I wanted to post this online. Not some guy who met him once, years ago. While you may have had some email interaction, it does not give you freedom to post what you want about him. so, please respect our privacy, and never do this again.

You say charles is a challenge--- Well, even so, it does not give someone permission to violate someone else's private life.

I offer my sincerest condolences to Larry E.'s family in this time of sorrow.

I see what you're saying. It's not fun to have someone make stuff up about you and put it on a site that gets tens of thousands of hits a week.

This is a sad story, and I agree that the movement of sex from public spaces to private residences has costs. This is one of them.

Me thinks you protest too much. What in the world ticked you off ? Larry seems to be OK with the mistake I made. If I had mentioned your husband Larry's last name you might have a case, but I didn't. No one knew it was about you until Larry spoke up. There are thousands of gay "Larry's" in the world, including "Chuck and Larry" the film. Your Larry was a frequent blogger to Guys On a Diet, and I had no idea he left the blog in a huff. My friend in New York, Margot, that loved Larry, never mentioned it.