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Assimilator's Guide to DC: TangySweet [Dupont Circle]

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Being in a long distance relationship means I make once-a-month (or so) trips to DC to visit the lover. I live in Buffalo, but I figure I'll end up in The Capital sooner or later, so I've been making it a mission to seek out all the awesome and quirky places to hang and eat. I'll write about them here... nothing touristy, just local fare, hipster approved.

tangysweet.jpgTangy Sweet
2029 P St. NW, Washington, D.C -. a block west from Dupont Circle
All natural frozen yogurt, DC's answer to the West Coast Pinkberry phenomenon.
For the first day of Spring, its was the freshest thing I've had all year.

Today's trip into DC started out with a list of places to go, but we ended up everywhere but. I was instantly pulled over to Tangy Sweet by its inviting design.IMG_2959.JPG Nestled into a rowhouse on P Street with a steel awning and a bright logo, Tangy Sweet was just the taste I was looking for.

I have to say, the place just looks hipster elite. If I don't tell you the store will as soon as you walk in: the whole space was designed by KUBE Architecture, a local design group in DC. Concrete floors, sustainable LED lighting, and color changing light tables make up the layout of this tart "yogurt lounge;" similar to Pinkberry I suppose, though I've never been to one.

The there are few choices on the menu; Tangy Sweet does one thing: frozen yogurt. Get a cup or a smoothie, the fro yo comes in classic, pomegranate, and green tea flavors.
IMG_2960.JPGJohn and I both picked up a small cup, classic for me, and green tea for him. I added kiwi, strawberry, and mango toppings, but John went for this crazy Asian rice marshmallow thing called mochi. John loved it so much, we wiki'd it as soon as we got home.
As the name states, the yogurt has a tangy sweet taste, and pairs perfectly with the fresh fruit toppings. John thought the green tea flavor was distinct and refreshing. $5 dollars a piece for a "well dressed" (3 toppings) 5oz. cup of fro yo hit the spot with out a significant hit to the wallet. For someone who'll spend that much for a latte, I see this as quick cool treat for the warm spring days we'll be having soon.

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Now I really want some frozen yogurt dammit. It's been a really nice day so it would be the perfect topper.

I haven't been to the District since Clinton left the Whitehouse. Is Raku still open? It was an Asian Bistro with great noodle bowl lunch. The mango and rice for desert was pretty good as well....

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | March 22, 2009 10:50 PM

Raku is still open and going strong. Now that we have another Democrat in the White House, you should come back to the city. Its become a whole new place.

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | March 22, 2009 10:56 PM


When I first read the title, I thought you were referring to yourself as "tangy sweet." Tangy Sweet is indeed good stuff.

I'm all sorts of tangy sweet. and to clear something up, John went for Strawberry and Kiwi, ALONG with the Mochi... didn't mean to typecast him as the junkfood bear. Lord knows I eat more garbage than him.