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Conservative sexual politics: Overcompensate much?

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I'm always surprised by how much of the conservative movement is based on people telling others, as loudly and repeatedly as possible, that they're more masculine than their political adversaries, and yet no one stops for a second and wonders why an entire movement is based on what can only be read as compensating for feeling emasculated.

Let's take a look at CPAC this weekend. Here's GOP President Rush Limbaugh discussing Obama's jobs bill before CNN cut him off:

Remember, they're the ones who criticize Hollywood and TV for having no decency. But as soon as they get a minute on TV....

Their only argument for why they should be allowed to run this country, for years, has been that they're more masculine than liberals. Force the gays in the closet, force women to carry babies, attack a third-world country that wasn't threatening the US, send undocumented workers back to where they came from, privatize the last 14% of offshore reserves that oil companies don't already control, ignore global warming science, let our national health rot away....

It's all the more masculine option. Not necessarily better, but more macho. And yet we engage them as if they had a competing, logical philosophy for public policy.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the country, conservatives settled to just complain about taxes. Because someone has to stand up to rich people who might be forced to pay taxes at Clinton-era levels:

tea bag.jpg

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Regarding that last photo...

Is teabagging considered a particularly macho activity, too? Or is it just something that some Freepers enjoy doing so much they publicly encourage it?

If teabagging was once primarily an erotic sexual activity, it has now become a prank among straight-identified fraternity types. As ridiculous as this sounds, prank teabagging has become an assertion of masculine dominance: the idea being that the one who does the teabagging is superior and the one who gets teabagged is gay, weak and without control. As ridiculous as it sounds, for a straight guy to place his scrotum on another guy's face by trick or force is a macho activity in a culture that considers it a prank without erotic intent. None of this would work, of course, without rampant homophobia.

This is why I blog. You all keep me up to date on all the latest trends. :)

C'mon, Alex. You surely knew what teabagging was to pick that photo...

I actually had no idea that it had become a sign of hetero-male aggressiveness.

I think it's a pretty dumb way to do it. Put your balls in another dude's mouth? It sounds like he's pretty justified to bite them off.

Well, as used in this context, it doesn't necessarily require "in the mouth" - just do a YouTube search for teabagging and you'll find dozens, if not hundreds, of clips ("Teabag prank" turns up 172 videos) featuring a victim who is either sleeping in a public area or, more commonly, passed out from drinking and an aggressor who places his genitals against the sleeping victim's face. Of course, the YouTube clips will only show relatively mild situations (typically, where the aggressor is still covered/clothed), but I've seen many videos of these "pranks" appear online at other sites where they won't get flagged for inappropriate content.

IMO, it's a homophobic form of sexual harassment (or outright sexual assault) that has become pervasive in American colleges and there ought to be more effort to discourage this behavior.

Gerri Ladene | March 1, 2009 3:03 PM

Now I'm going to shudder. Oh yes, I'm just quaking in my tenni's! It looks as if “R u limpbaugh” is suffering from the side effects of cialis again. You have know that his audience of jingo followers are salivating all over themselves while hearing their idol let loose with yet another impotent wind-bagging feverish tantrum fest aimed at mocking the opposition. How utterly infantile, this is what entertains the simple minds that are drawn to him though. Sad, disillusioned chauvinistic corpulent messenger of mis-information that he is. Probably dreams of being tea bagged himself!

Interesting post as always, and I, too learnt something new today (see above for teabagging as a new frat-boy trick). Your "And yet we engage them as if they had a competing, logical philosophy for public policy." is on the mark.

But I'm left with a burning question: What's with Rush and his open shirt/neckline? Brrgheeeya. Not to be all lookist here but, seriously. And the slicked-back hair thingy. Is this the Republicans as the Sopranos?

Oh. Right.