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Harlow Cuadra gets life in prison

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Big thanks to Project GregC for pointing out in the comments section of my previous post on Harlow Cuadra's guilty verdict in his murder trial that the jury handed down a sentence. Cuadra got life in prison without parole.

harlow_cuadra_gay_porn_murd.jpgAll of it over the rights to make a "million dollar" porn movie with another hot young star. Incredibly stupid and saddening. I always wonder what snapped and drove someone over the edge into thinking this was a good idea. Knowing that they'd planned it out so well in advance definitely doesn't allow for the "I lost my senses for a few minutes" argument, so what clicked off in their minds?

The jury of eight men and four women decided on the sentence unanimously, according to The Citizen's Voice. Jurors deliberated over arson and robbery charges, additional factors that could have heightened his sentencing.

Prosecutors made it known that they were pursuing the death penalty for Cuadra. His former lover and coconspirator Joseph Kerekes... is currently serving a life sentence after pleading guilty to participating in the killing of Cobra Video owner Bryan Kocis in his Dallas Township, Pa., home in January 2007.

Kocis was stabbed 28 times before his house was set on fire, burning his body beyond recognition, according to his father's testimony.

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