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IL: another murder suspect cites 'gay panic' defense

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In Bloomingdale, IL, suspect in a first-degree murder where the gay victim was beaten with an automobile shop tool until the assailant's arm was tired has confessed -- and is floating a gay panic defense.

Timothy Bailey-Woodson, 23, is accused of beating to death 53-year-old David G. Coungeris with some type of auto part during an altercation at High Tech Auto & Truck Repair at 250 S. Gary Ave. in Bloomingdale, according to DuPage County State's Attorney Joseph Birkett.

DuPage County Associate Judge Peter Ostling ordered Thursday that Bailey-Woodson be held without bond. Prosecutors had sought a $2 million bond, but labeled the suspect a flight risk. Bailey-Woodson is charged with first-degree murder.

Investigators said Bailey-Woodson would do odd jobs around the shop that his victim ran. Prosecutors told Ostling that Bailey-Woodson admitted to killing Coungeris.

Bailey-Woodson told investigators that he and Coungeris were sleeping in a bed at the shop early Thursday morning when Coungeris "made sexual advances" toward him, Assistant DuPage County State's Attorney Anne Therieau said. Bailey-Woodson told investigators he then left the bed, got dressed, put on gloves, picked up a "mechanical implement" and beat Coungeris in the head some 25 times.

"He told detectives he beat the victim until his arm was tired," Therieau reported to Ostling. "He also told them he'd do it again if the opportunity presented itself."

As we've seen way too many times before, the gay-panic "traumatized" suspect suddenly developed a taste for cash and joyriding -- Bailey-Woodson left the scene, stealing money from the cash register and tried to take a car that was parked in the shop. The body of Coungeris was found by other workers who entered the shop.

Bailey-Woodson had only been out of the slammer for a month, having serving time for motor vehicle theft -- and he had a prior charge of battery on the books.

Hat tip, Naperville Mom.

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Gee, they usually use that defense after killing some poor transwoman they have had sex with a few times then finally figure out she has male parts.

And unfortuantely it usually works.

Timothy is obviously such an outstanding member of the community that robbery couldn't possibly be a motive here. With his sterling background it is clear that he couldn't possibly be a murdering scumbag skel who acted out of criminal impulses.

Joliet is full of nice big fellows who will teach cute little Timmy all about "gay panic".

Would it be "PROP 8 Panic" if I repeatedly stabbed someone who was going door to door selling legal H8 against my family and children? Would THAT be self-defense?

Sometimes I have very "bad" thoughts.
(snapping rubber band on wrist)

Just imagine the state of things if every woman who received unwanted sexual advances from a man beat him to death with a "mechanical implement."

I think my favorite part is the fact that someone with documented convictions for battery and motor vehicle theft "suddenly developed" a taste for cash and joy riding after the incident. Riiiight.

Folks, Unfortunately we all remember vividly the old stand-by in the TWINKIE DEFENSE. Hey world please wake up.

Daniel in Eugene, Oregon

joan plum | March 9, 2009 8:03 PM

that is not the true story. is waiting for the whole story to hard to do?