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New Hampshire legislature "do over" vote passes marriage equality

Filed By Bil Browning | March 26, 2009 3:00 PM | comments

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You don't see this every day...

A proposal to allow same-sex marriage in New Hampshire has passed after it initially failed by one vote in the House on Thursday.

The House originally defeated the measure 183-182. But because the House didn't kill it entirely, lawmakers were able to take another vote.

After the first vote, seven lawmakers changed their minds under a motion to reconsider, and the bill passed 186-179.

Later today, the New Hampshire House is expected to consider gender identity legislation centered around bathroom issues.

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CONCORD, N.H. -- The fear that transgender individuals would be able to use any bathroom prompted House lawmakers to kill legislation extending legal protections to them in New Hampshire.

Opponents, led by the Republican Party, had called it the "bathroom bill" based on their argument it would open all bathrooms to men and women.

Supporters argued transgender individuals are using the bathrooms now and needed the job protections the bill would provide.

The House voted 181-149 to kill the bill.

But that's OK, the GLB's will come back later, right? After they've got Gay Marriage legalised.

You know, if just 10% of the money spent on the gay marriage issue in one year would have been devoted to this issue over 10 years, we could have won it. When did New Hampshire give rights to GLBs? How many years ago?

I have found it interesting to compare the victory for non discrimination in Gainesville to the defeat in New Hampshire. In Gainesville, the the GLB community was in danger of losing protections. In New Hampshire they were not. In New Hampshire, a marriage equality bill was voted on the day before the non discrimination vote. In Gainesville, marriage equality was not an issue. In New Hampshire, more than 50 representatives who are members of the Democratic party were absent when the vote for non discrimination was taken. I assume they were all present the day before when marriage equality was voted upon.

So, given past history, in my state of NY as well as on the federal level, I cannot help but feel dismayed at this combination of coincidence.