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NJ Gov. Corzine Announces New Regulations For Transgender Drivers

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Transgender drivers in New Jersey will have an easier time changing our documents to conform to the genders we live in thanks to new regulations regarding gender marker changes on New Jersey driver's licenses NJ Governor Jon Corzine announced on Saturday.

Details are sketchy and unconfirmed through official sources as of this writing, but according to available information all that will now be required to change the gender marker on a NJ State Driver's License is an affidavit attesting to a New Jerseyan's gender identity, instead of proof of sex reassignment surgery which has been required to change a gender marker in the past.

According to Babs Casbar, transgender activist, President of the New Jersey Stonewall Democrats, and Political Director of the Gender Rights Advocacy Association of New Jersey, transgender drivers in New Jersey will now only be required to fill out a simple administrative form attesting to one's gender identity and (presumably) the intent to continue living consistently in that identity for the rest of their lives. Casbar says the new policy is modeled on one already in place in Massachusetts.

Casbar credits the new regulations to a "team effort" among New Jersey activists and organizations and says that Governor Corzine wanted to announce the new regulation at an LGBT event but didn't want to wait until the Pride season to do so, hence the announcement Saturday at this year's Legends dinner sponsored by Garden State Equality, the state's largest LGBT activist organization.

This is groundbreaking news for transgender New Jersey citizens, many of whom (including myself) have been forced to live and work with official documentation and identity documents that do not reflect the genders we present consistently to the rest of the world.

There's no official information as to exactly when this new regulation will go into effect, but expectations are that it will happen soon. Casbar and other activists will be gathering the details and making them public as soon as they are available.

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I hate to bring this up, but I know a number of Lesbians who will ask just how this affects access to "women's only" spaces such as showers and changing rooms in health clubs, etc..?

For goodness sake MauraHennesy, if straight women can put up with 'predatory' lesbians in their showers and changing rooms then the lesbians can put up with 'predatory' transgender women in the same showers and changing rooms.. especially when both 'predatory' stereotypes are myths, a load of alarmist hate-filled lies and nonsense. Have we all forgotten the 'predatory' lesbian nonsense so soon?

It's the same bigotry being passed right along. Doing unto others what they called injust when done to them.

As some people grow up to become like their parents so too do some oppressed groups grow to oppress other groups just the same. Like the kid bullied by older kids who goes and finds kids younger than themselves to pick on to make themselves feel better.

I take it then that it would mean the appearance of anatomically male genitalia in women's changing rooms and showers?

That is not going to fly well with a sizable number of Lesbians as well as other women.

I am sorry to bring it up, but I represent a group of Lesbians some of whom have strong feelings upon this subject

You're sorry to bring it up are you MauraHenessy? Well my word you should be!

You represent a group of people with 'strong feellings' on the subject? Well there were people with 'strong feellings' about allowing people with black-skin-coloured anatomy into white peoples public swimming pools too!

And sharing drinking fountains, and bus seats, changing rooms and showers.

And remember the hysteria people have had about predatory lesbians? Cause I don't care what your 'excuse' is for enabling the predatory transgender myth and discrimination against Transgender people but I want to see solid EVIDENCE That Transgender women of varying operative status are a more common threat to women than other women! C'mon MauraHenessy! Cause I'm sick of people making claims contrary to available evidence as excuses to cause harm to others!

So then! Show me that Transgender women are more of a threat in public amenities than say this woman,21985,23373236-661,00.html or this couple,25197,24948297-5006789,00.html

Show me EVIDENCE that Transgender people are more frequently a threat than allowing Gay men in with straight men and Lesbian women in with Straight ones!

I'm not saying that the predatory myths about Gays and Lesbians are true, I'm sure they are no more of a threat than any other group of people... but thats the point! You must show that Transgender people are MORE of a threat!

Cause otherwise the 'strong feelling's you're talking about are 'strong feellings' of BIGOTRY!

As for how these regulation changes effect these specific things I have no idea, so don't take my calling you out on your bigotry and support for hateful mythic predatory-transgender stereotypes and advocacy of hate and discrimination as answering that question.

Any changing room or public shower that fails to maintain individual personal privacy is either ignoring the reality of same-sex attraction or is tacitly aware of it and knowingly maintaining the exposure of straight men and women in a naked state to those who find their own sex sexually attractive anyway... which is why a lot of cis women I know of all sexual orientations but especially straight ones won't use those facilities!

Getting such facilities renovated to ensure privacy would solve the problem without pathetic discrimination and bigotry.

So then MauraHenessy, find some valid verifiable statistical evidence that there is real genuine threat and not just 'strong feellings' of hypocacy and transphobic bigotry!

Too late for that Maura. The addition of gender identity and expresssion to NJ's Law Against Discrimination, which includes public accommodations, became law early last year.

What this new regulation will provide is legal recognition by the state of the presented gender identities of its citizens.

As far problems lesbians and others may have with this, I frankly really don't care. I'm sure there are plenty of people, even today, who don't wish to share facilities with a person of a different race, ethnicity, or even religion. To those people I say "Tough shit. Get over it. We don't treat people like that here in Jersey anymore."

Bats is right on the money here. What you're describing is bigotry, plain and simple, and I for one have no sympathy for it.

Male bits in female spaces Becky? Well , you can kiss ENDA goodbye. Aside from the devestation that the Christian right will raise with this, about half of the Lesbian community and a large number of straight feminists will not stand for this.

This disdain and daemonisation of our feelings is such a manifestation of entitlement, demanding that women "change" to accomodate your political goals. There will be many women who will see this as relic of male priviledge.

I dont want to see ENDA die or to be written to exclude gender issues; too many Lesbians will be left uncovered. But, this insistence upon, to phrase it inelegantly, penises in women's showers is beyond the finite endpoint of accomodation that many women are willing to make.

So can now legally force your "feminine" penis into women's showers in NJ and women had just better get over it? I shall refrain from saying exactly how that statement appears to me as a feminist.

And what happens the next time the Religious Right brings these issues up because now, it has been demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt that transvestites in women's showers IS the trans-agenda and it can no longer be denied with any credibility at all. The trannys have been lying all along when they denied this would happen as it is now even your demand.

Too Bad about those in just handed the "Not in My Showers" crowd everything they could ask for on a silver platter. I'll fight an inclusive ENDA to the death that does not address this issue. I will not allow unopposed a trans agenda that will almost certainly result in a backlash against trans everything that may negatively impact my own life because of the deliberate confusion sown by transvestites that women of transsexual history have ANYTHING in common. It's war.