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Obama and Carson announce cash for health care in Indiana

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Speaking from personal experience - if you don't have insurance and your income isn't too big, you're pretty much screwed in Indiana. Around Indianapolis, you can apply for Wishard Advantage care, but the application process is ridiculously long and complicated while the services are basic.

Getting a doctor's appointment takes forever, but the mental illness section is severely sub-par and most doctors and therapists in town will literally shudder when they speak of Wishard's Midtown mental health facilities. If you're on Medicare though, it's one of only two places that will accept the plan for mental health care - even when you think you can leave the system you're still stuck in it!

President Barack Obama and Congressman Andre Carson teamed up today to announce $2.6 million authorized by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that will support two health centers in Indiana. I hope the new cash will help the health facilities expand to cover mental health for lower income families.

These health centers will help people in need -- many with no health insurance -- obtain access to the comprehensive primary and preventive health care services and create 115 jobs in Indiana.

"We have acted quickly to put Recovery Act dollars to good use in communities across America," said President Obama. "The construction and expansion of health centers will help create thousands of new jobs and provide critical assistance to Americans who have lost their job and their health care. Health centers, primary care, and prevention are at the heart of my plan for an affordable, accessible health care system."

The two facilities getting a budget bump for health centers are Purdue University in Lafayette and Indiana Health Centers, Inc. in Indianapolis. The grants will serve over 15,210 State Residents, Create 115 Jobs

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Thank you for letting me speak on this subject. Why is it that it is always the “lower income” people? The middle class also needs help on healthcare today. I do not fit in this low income bracket. Let me explain. I have worked hard everyday of my life and now I have found that we do not even qualify for Indiana hip program. We made two thousands dollars to much last year. I own my own home, have some savings put bank. I was told that there would be help when you lose just about everything we have. As you can see there is some anger because it is always about the poor and those who those who could have worked but decided to live off the system instead. So if you are just over the income limits, you have to ask yourself, was it worth all that work.

I agree with you whole-heartedly, David.

We've run into the same issue often that you describe. While the "poor relief" might say you were $2k over the guidelines, does that $2k suddenly make you financially viable or "middle class?" It would seem that your household is hovering on the poverty level too. We're in the same place right now at my home too.