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Pole Chicken

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I don't hate twinks... just don't have much use for them. Its not secret that I love the bears; a beefier stock of man with a scruffy face and a furry belly is all I need to be happy. And all my friends know that to call me a chaser gets a glare but to call me a twink gets a tone of violent rebuke. When I started doing visuals on the screen at my club I knew I needed eye candy. I knew that my tastes in men weren't gonna cut it on the screens so I took to videotaping the antics of club goers losing their morals on Club Marcella's lone stripper pole. I've gotten mostly trashy girls and hot messes but occasionally I get something hot.

Pole Chicken

This is John. He's chicken, straight up Original Recipe. The girl to his left is some skank who thinks its hot to "date" twinks. I took some photos and video of him and he's a true winner for "hot boy in underwear dancing" footage. Thing is, he knows I hate him.

Check after the jump for a slightly graphic, probably NSFW clip of Pole Chicken doing what he does best.

I kick him out of the booth all the time for rubbin all over our DJ, Charles Masters, who should be doing more important things like mixing. See, I like to keep the DJ booth a Chicken Free Zone, much to Charles' chagrin. So, do I have to bite my tongue and own up to the importance of these vapid bodies? Charles and I both agree, there isn't much to poor Johnny but a cute body and a bubble butt, but do i lose integrity for following this boy around with a camera? Or can I claim professional exception?

and here he is again with Dirty Skank, greasing up the pole with the Clap.

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Dear Nate,
a) "Vapid bodies" tend to consume drinks which pays the rent and staff who clean that pole, so...
b) If one's sole talent is writhing, one should writhe.
c) If one wishes to squander one's youth, one should be given the opportunity to do so.
d)In order to fuse your love of the music with your love of the bears, you should start attending Blow-off (in DC and elsewhere regularly. I think you've been at least once. Or is it too much of a good thing for you?)
e) Let's hope that Dirty Skank and Pole chicken/Slut don't have any money left in their pockets to hire a good lawyer to protest your calling them out on Youtube.

Must be sweeps month.

Dear Father Tony,

a)We don't clean that pole.
b) I'm just a jaded ex gogo boy.
c)see B
d)I keep forgetting to sync my visits to DC with Blowoff events, but I most definitely enjoy my time with the sweaty messy bears.
e)I believe Pole Chicken enjoys the attention, but it would be the second time this month someone got pissy for me trouncing their character/morals.

Or you could always let the bears eat you alive in Chicago for Bear Pride/IML. Plenty of dances and events to cover yourself in honey and let them feed...

You know I love you, so if it'll make you sleep easier at night, I'll install a stripper pole here at the house and you can ship him off Greyhound to my place.

*whistles innocently*

@Bil - I'd love to, but without Pole Chicken I wouldn't have someone to antagonize and kick out of the booth all the time. A villain needs an arch enemy. Plus as Jereme noted.. there are some mad fugly people at Marcellas. We have to have SOME pretty boys running around.

@Matt - ChicagHO eh? I'll keep that in mind, but I'm a bear wrangler... no one eats me alive, I do the feeding. ;)

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | March 12, 2009 11:08 AM

I always hope they are college students by day just doing it for the money to buy their semester's textbooks. I said hope... It would be interesting to hear what the women think of this way of objectifying someone. Not liking (or liking) someone because of appearance is also a visceral reaction. Studies have shown that the pretty are assumed to be smarter, friendlier, nicer.

Welcome to the reception room of life.

@Robert - I should clarify. I don't hate because he is pretty. I hate because he's bouncy and a bit of an airhead and in that "I'm gay and that means I'm supposed to flit about and be shiny" phase. 25 will hit him hard... as it will me (prolly harder). But he's cute, and that's useful for my work.

Anthony in Nashville | March 12, 2009 11:29 AM

I think it's shady for people who operate clubs to dis (a) the clientele or (b) the people responsible for the atmosphere that gets people to spend money.

Perhaps you would be happier running a bear club.

I fill a particular role in the club where shadiness is a needed trait. Plus Marcella's is a drag club (note: I am not a drag queen, rather a visualist) so degrading customers is a shtick, which has kept us in business for 12+ years.

I wouldn't dare work in a bear club... its bad form to sleep with your clientele.

I assume that the person here is a self-identified "dirty skank"? If so, that's hott and trashy in a great way that I can (and do) identify with. Otherwise what the fuck!?

Yes, this.


what the fuck!?

your sexism is showing, and it's not very pretty.

Fortunate for you that you have the archenemy. Does he have a posse of minions that cohort with him?

ugh. i wasted so many years thinking that crap was important. Now all i see is "rediculous". At least where i went they actually took it all off which is why i paid any attention. I suppose if your main goal is financial then you are not jeopardizing your ideals. I am not sure i believe that but it does seem to be an acceptable justification if not rationalization.

You could send him to Boston. I personally would take him over a gang (what is the collective noun for bears anyway) of bears hands down any day. He looks like he is a lot of fun at a party..... actually it kinda brings back cloudy memories from the 80s........

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | March 13, 2009 12:15 AM

What were you using in the 80's Bob? :)