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President Obama Shows He's Serious

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Judging from his first budget and his latest weekly address, President Obama is serious about creating the change he promised in his campaign.

The system we have now might work for the powerful and well connected interests that have run Washington for far too long, but I don't. I work for the American people. I didn't come here to do the same thing we've been doing or to take small steps forward. I came to provide the sweeping change that this country demanded when it went to the polls in November.

That kind of talk may have shocked members of the traditional media who are locked in a conventional wisdom that tilts right of center, but to those of us that spent hours and hours volunteering to elect Obama this what we saw from the beginning.

In the federal budget and his economic recovery plan President Obama has laid out a series of policies that will undoubtedly cause the special interests to go apoplectic and begin to unleash its army of professional lobbyists to torpedo the president's efforts to expand access to healthcare, invest in clean energy sources and rebuild our countries infrastructure.

As President Obama said:

In other words, I know these steps won't sit well with the special interests and lobbyists who are invested in the old way of doing business, and I know they're gearing up for a fight as we speak. My message to them is this:

So am I.

Now its up to us make sure that members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, get the message that we will hold them accountable. If they chose to oppose progressive legislation that will create the change that we so desperately need, they will pay a political price.

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Gerri Ladene | March 1, 2009 5:35 PM

To evoke a saying from my generation, “Power to the People”! It terrifies the status quo to relinquish its strangle hold on American sovereignty. It really gives me a deep feeling of satisfaction that continually voting and holding on to that dream of a more equal society is actually history in the making before our very eyes now!

When President Obama said“I work for the American people”, it just made me feel something I haven't felt for sometime, real Hope! I love this guy! The President did hit the nail on the head in stating the opposition will be gearing up for a fight, actually they were doing so even as he took the highest office of our Nation. I for one see his hardest fight will be in the arena of Trade, Free Trade vs. Fair Trade. Globalist Corporations have an excess of wealth and paid for Media, with its shallow and biased puppets of propaganda, to sponsor their attack against a change that is for humanity and not for their selfish aspirations.

Now we have someone who understands the need for altering our political and economic universe by wresting that which was stolen from us. Yes , I said ,”stolen”! The opportunism practiced by many elected neo-con and neo-lib individuals to use the power of the peoples Congress against us in congressionally non-transparent corporate lobbied efforts has undermined the sovereignty of the American people and transferred power to 'Entities', these being Global Corporations. Well, I'm no damn entity but I am an American and that makes me one of the millions of sovereigns of of what we call America. We Rule!

We are not in just a culture war, which is a division tactic used by the Globalists by way right-wing religions, but a war for our national identity as a free people who have the privilege of of being the inheritors of a dream. As Michael stated,” Now its up to us make sure that members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, get the message that we will hold them accountable.” So true, so very true!

I may just be another DSM-IV 302.85 to those who would oppress me but I was also classified 1-A by our Government! That was so those who read this little comment of mine here understand where I'm coming from. Not just another pretty face, LOL.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | March 1, 2009 10:10 PM

The idea that Obama's economic stimulus plans will solve the problem proves that you >can fool some of the people all the time.

As for the rest of us we know that Obama is a hand puppet for the very looters he pretends to criticize. He got gobs of money from them early on and he’s repaid them many times over. He and Bush were early and solid supporters of the bailout. He's publically demand wage and benefit cuts from the UAW and other unions.

His new stimulus package of giveaways differs from earlier giveaways only in that some of the money will actually produce something tangible. That’s good but it’s far too little and far too late. It has very little chance of reversing what’s happening, just as FDRs programs had only temporary and palliative effects on the Depression.

The other factor is that the resources wars in South Asia will go full steam ahead, just as Obama promised. That’ll cost more civilian lives from Palestine to Pakistan, the lives of GI and other ‘allied’ solders and hundreds of billions of dollars. The danger is that war inflation and the bailouts could produce hyper-inflation. (Think of Weimar Germany after 1929 when people carried a basket of billion Deutschmark notes to put a down payment on a loaf of bread.)

Hope will turn to rage as the truism, you can’t fool all the people all the time, comes home to politically bite the Democrats and their Republican cousins in thier nether regions.

My biggest worry now:

The system we have now might work for the powerful and well connected interests that have run Washington for far too long, but I don't. I work for the American people.

He is a powerful and well connected interest that runs Washington now.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | March 2, 2009 1:10 AM

Well Bil, the president runs the executive branch. Congress and the entrenched interests hold a lot of purse strings, pet projects and get plenty of calls from "folks back home" as well as potential corporate donors. Yes, it stinks, but what really stinks is that ours is the best form of government in practice.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | March 2, 2009 6:43 AM

The worst of all possible governments is one, like ours, which is of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. Like his predecessors Obama says one thing for public consumption but invariably does as he’s told by those who own him and his party.

Whatever he does its likely too late. Fear of depression is not our greatest enemy; global depression, war, union busting and pandering to bigots are.

03 02 09 NY Times “The federal government agreed Sunday night to provide an additional $30 billion in taxpayer money to the American International Group and loosen the terms of its huge loan to the insurer, which is preparing to report a $62 billion loss on Monday…” AIG executives spent millions on a weekend party for them selves shortly after they got $130 odd billion last year. Wherever will they celebrate this year? Prison would be nice but watch for it not to happen.

Why Are We "Surging" into Afghanistan? By Jim Hightower, Creators Syndicate. AlterNet 02 27 09 Not for nothing is that country called "the burial ground of empires," "a guerilla's paradise" and "the theme park of problems." http://www.alternet.org/waroniraq/128957/why_are_we_%22surging%22_into_afghanistan/

DONGGUAN, China Agence France-Presse 10 23 08 Southern China to shed millions of jobs as economic crisis bites. At least 2.7 million factory workers in southern China could lose their jobs as the global economic crisis hits demand for electronics, toys and clothes, according to industry estimates. http://afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5hc2rYiyODxC0j7fWnn6maL2W0Rcg

03 02 09 NY Time “PARIS — The leaders of the European Union gathered Sunday in Brussels in an emergency summit meeting that seemed to highlight the very worries it was designed to calm: that the world economic crisis has unleashed forces threatening to split Europe into rival camps.

The Spectacular, Sudden Crash of the Global Economy By Joshua Holland, AlterNet. 02 24 09 In a short period of months, the entire system of global capitalism has screeched to a halt. No one knows what happens next. Worldwide, industrial production has ground to a halt. Goods are stacking up, but nobody's buying; the Washington Post reports that "the world is suddenly awash in almost everything: flat-panel televisions, bulldozers, Barbie dolls, strip malls, Burberry stores." A Hong Kong-based shipping broker told The Telegraph that his firm had "seen trade activity fall off a cliff. Asia-Europe is an unmitigated disaster." http://www.alternet.org/workplace/128412/the_spectacular%2C_sudden_crash_of_the_global_economy/

03 02 09 NY Times “KIEV, Ukraine — Steel and chemical factories, once the muscle of Ukraine’s economy, are dismissing thousands of workers. Cities have had days without heat or water because they cannot pay their bills, and Kiev’s subway service is being threatened. Lines are sprouting at banks, the currency is wilting and even a government default seems possible.

We'll see how this turns out in Congress, since it's far from complete.

Although it seems Obama learned his lesson from the jobs bill and didn't start from a compromised position. The party of Rush Limbaugh doesn't play fair.