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Quick Report-Back: Fusion Opening Night

Filed By Jessica Hoffmann | March 08, 2009 3:30 PM | comments

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I hope some of you L.A. readers are out at Fusion events today while I'm in my room reading make/shift submissions. Quickly, thought I'd post a little report-back from opening night of the festival:

Turnout was fantastic (sold out!); path-crossing with almost-neighbors I see more often on Twitter than in real life, kinda ridiculously, was good; network-y small talk will probably never not freak me out a little; the opening short, "El Abuelo," a portrait of poet Joe Jimenez by Dino Dinco, is really beautiful and you should try and see it ever screens anywhere near you; I am really trying to resist expending energy on a critique of an astonishingly retrograde film in which butch/femme is narrow and rigid, all butches are tops and all femmes are bottoms, and those feminine creatures who are the only ones that like penetration are kinda silly-stupid little girlies; and I have mixed and not-yet-processed feelings about both "The Young and Evil" and "La Corona," so I'm gonna think on those a little more before typing about them.

Did anyone else go? Thoughts on the films? Anyone attending the conference that's running alongside the festival? I'd love to hear report-backs from that.

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Jessica---sounds like you had a wonderful evening.
The Cine retrograde, of course, had it all wrong.

Femmes are

Hi, Jessica, my two favorite shorts were the foreign films, actually. I found the Korean transgender movie ("The Bath") quite lovely, and I thought the prison beauty pageant movie ("La Corona") is a real crowd-pleaser--but the subject matter is so rich, I kind of wish it had been a feature.


I'm sorry we didn't get to meet in person! My friend and I were just talking about how we wish we could see La Corona as a feature -- it's definitely compelling, and I feel like some of my mixed feelings about it have to do with the fact that there's so much going on (around prisons, around gender/femininity and spectacle, around race, and more) that doesn't have space to be unpacked in the short form, so I feel not quite sure what to make of it. I'd love to see them develop it into a feature.



Thanks for the kind words about "El Abuelo."

Warm regards.


Friends and colleagues:

The short film "El Abuelo" can now be viewed online:

“El Abuelo” screening history

Shot: April 2008, San Antonio, Texas

Premieres: Fashion in Film Festival, Tate Modern (London) - May 2008

Selected Screenings:

2008 Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival

2008 Three Rivers Film Festival (Pittsburgh) Wins in Top 3 Shorts Competition

2009 Lust 4 LACE, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions

2009 CineFestival (San Antonio)

2009 Outfest’s Fusion (Los Angeles)

Cross your fingers for 2009 HBO International Latino Film Festival and especially, The Iris Prize.

Good news.

"El Abuelo" has been shortlisted to compete for the Iris Prize in Cardiff, Wales this October.

The winner gets 25,000 pounds sterling to shoot a short film in the UK.