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Red State Insanity

Filed By Michael Crawford | March 03, 2009 5:30 PM | comments

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One really has to wonder what some conservatives have been smoking as they shout from the top of their lungs how much they want President Obama to fail.

Forget the reality that if President Obama fails to clean up the mess left to him by former President Bush, that our country's economic situation will get even worse. Rush Limbaugh and his Legion of Doomers are committed to the failure of the Obama presidency (and the U.S. economy.)

This pledge is what Red State is using to build the ranks of its "RedState army" of conservative extremists praying for failure:

I Too Want Barack Obama to Fail

I want Barack Obama to fail and I want to help ensure he does.

If Barack Obama is successful in implementing his stated agenda, America will fail and the American dream will die for millions.

We already know Barack Obama's economic policy will fail, but it will hurt millions of hard working Americans.

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This is potentially like poking holes in the Titanic's hull as a protest against the captain, isn't it?

No matter how much Dems hated on George Bush, does anyone remember similar comments last fall? How we would LOVE to see HIM fail?

No. But there certainly were alot of GOP congressional members up for re-election who wailed, wrung their hands and bemoaned the TARP. All posturing for the sheeple back home and their all mighty vote.