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Ted Haggard Attends "This Beautiful City," Watches Own Demise On Stage

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Tedd Haggard, the now infamous fallen haggard-242x300.jpgpastor from New Life Church in
Colorado Springs, CO, evidently built up the courage to go see This Beautiful City playing at the Vineyard Theatre in New York City (read my recent review of the show!). Haggard going to the theatre usually wouldn't be much of a news story, but when the play heavily features the most painful series of events in your life where you're exposed as a crack-smoking, tina-loving, dick-sucking fraud... now that's some news.

According to TimeOut New York, Ted Haggard, along with his wife, Gayle, and filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi (who directed the recent documentary about "Pastor Ted" on HBO) attended the play on March 10th. The theatre was abuzz when audience members realized one of the main characters in the play was sitting with them in the audience. Evidently Ted and posse spent a good deal of time in the lobby deciding if he wanted to go see the show. Civilian's Managing Director, Marion Friedman rushed to the theatre after being informed that the Haggards were in the house. Despite all the hullabaloo, the actors were not informed of Haggard's presence and were only told about the close encounter after the performance.

Haggard and company tried to make a discrete and speedy getaway at the end of the performance, dashing into the street before the audience swelled into the lobby. One must wonder what was going through Pastor Ted's head as he left the theatre. To watch your own fall from grace, theatricalized on stage... as Vineyard Theatre executive director Jen Garvey-Blackwell said, "I think it took a lot of guts for him to come... It was gutsy."

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Bravo to Mr. Haggard for facing his past in such a brave way. While I do revel in the irony of the Mega-Church Pastor's fall from grace, Ted Haggard is still a human being. And, in a strange twist of fate, he's one of us. :D

I'd love to sit him down for dinner and let him talk. No judgment, no drama, no pressing questions. Just talk. I think it'd be quite interesting to hear how he got to where he is now.

agreed, Amber. I'd love to have a conversation with him. And the play was, in fact, quite compassionate toward the man. Near the end, an interview with Haggard's son is included that really brings out the humanity in the fallen figure.

Not many could see their lives so publicly revealed and stand the scrutiny of it. He may still have issues dealing with his bi/gay identity but this might be a useful first step from to confront the very ways in which sexuality is fluid.

I wish I'd been there. It couldn't have been comfortable for him, but it probably wasn't comfortable for the gay and lesbian church members when he was preaching either. Schadenfreude, you are my friend.

That'd be too funny to sit next to that crew in the theater.

On another note, it seems like that Alexandra Pelosi has taken a real liking to Pastor Ted.

Gotta give to Mr. Haggard. Going to see that play took some moxie.