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The Gay Gene

Filed By Bil Browning | March 09, 2009 7:00 AM | comments

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How many of you saw this weekend's episode of Family Guy where Peter got injected with "the gay gene?" Funny? Not so funny?

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I haven't seen the episode just yet, but have to say Family Guy has slowly been going downhill and becoming quite unfunny since after the third season.

When my favorite little psycho, Stewie, is becoming lame - then you know something's wrong with the show! LOL

I didn't see it either, but Family Guy is one of the most homophobic shows on TV. Wouldn't be surprised if the episode sucked.

I found it both funny and painful. As usual, stereotypes are cringeworthy; but to any frequent watcher, that's the foundation of the show's satire.

And I don't see how the show's homophobic. It has contained many episodes supporting our community. If anything, the episodes have been preachy on acceptance of gay people. This episode certainly beat you over the head with "gay is good".

Now that I've watched some of the episode, I have to say Peter is acting and talking EXACTLY like Roger the alien, from 'American Dad'.

I don't believe FG is homophobic so much as they go over-the-top with gay stereotypes (Brian's gay cousin from S.F., and the gay guy who's been in various roles, like CPR instructor).

This clip alone proves that FG is running out of ideas. They've been coasting on bullshit for the past couple of seasons, to the point that most of the once-likeable characters are now fucking annoying. I was happy that the show came back after a long hiatus, but now I wish it would go away! LOL

Kyle Flood Kyle Flood | March 9, 2009 10:00 PM

Family Guy hits at every stereotype in every minority community. I'd be more offended if they didn't hit the gay stereotypes. Throughout the entire episode they kept talking acceptance for Peter even if he was gay.

Hi all,

I'm gay and live in New Zealand.

I laughed out loud when I saw this clip.

I think one of my friends must have downloaded it because they mentioned it at work today, and there's no way they saw it on NZ television.