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The Murder That Shocked Gay DC

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A few days ago I announced the soft launch of Bilerico DC. Today I want to direct your attention to an amazing post looking at the unsolved murder of Robert Wone, a straight Asian attorney who was found murdered at the home of a gay DC power couple in August 2006.

The post brings together the latest info on the case and asks why has the story been largely ignored by the media, both gay and straight.

Who Murdered Robert Wone?

Two and a half years ago, August 2nd 2006, Washington attorney Robert E. Wone was found murdered at 1509 Swann Street NW. The crime was brutal: three knife wounds deep into Mr. Wone's chest. And the scene was downright bizarre: three house-mates in a daze, a hole big enough to "fit your finger into" in the victim yet only trace amounts of blood were found at the scene. No signs of theft or forced entry, and no witnesses.

Suspicion immediately fell on the Swann house-mates: attorney Joseph Price, association executive Victor Zaborsky, and sometime author, sometime massage therapist Dylan Ward. For the record, all have repeatedly and assertively denied any involvement with the murder. We take them at their word.

Police quickly focused on the three's living arrangements, which might have seemed unusual at first blush. Joe (full partner at DC power firm Arent Fox) and Victor in a public, long-term committed relationship. But Joe and Dylan uniquely sharing a "...personal, intimate..." private bond via S&M and alleged drug use. A cache of sex toys was found in Dylan's room, enough to furnish an elaborate dungeon. And while Wone showed signs of sexual assault (with his own semen found in his rectum), the nature of his injuries - and the virtually spotless way Wone was found - was puzzling and contradictory.

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I think this shows what localized sites like Bilerico DC can bring to the table. I never would have read about this case otherwise. Thanks!