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The Year's Unsexiest Men

Filed By Dana Rudolph | March 31, 2009 9:30 AM | comments

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Men's sexiness isn't really my area of expertise, but I thought other Projectors might have some thoughts on the Boston Phoenix's list of the year's "100 Unsexiest Men."

Not just a compilation of superficial unsexiness (though there's some of that), the list also "holds men accountable for their rampantly unsexy ways."

Coming in at #1? Rush Limbaugh.

Also on the list: politicos George Bush, Dick Cheney, Rod Blagojevich, and Michael Steele, as well as President Obama's cabinet members (the male ones, presumably); money men Bernie Madoff and Jim Cramer; and actors Joaquin Phoenix and Mickey Rourke. (There's a breakdown by category in the right-hand column of the Phoenix site.)

Those who might not make the cut on the basis of pure looks include actor Christian Bale and baseball player Alex Rodriguez (at least I hear some people find them sexy), but they're there for their unsexy actions. (Some readers may still, however, appreciate the photo of Rodriguez kissing a double of himself, via a recent article in Details magazine.)

Also notable for the Bilerico audience: Pastor Rick Warren and Ron Prentice, chair of California's ProtectMarriage.com.

Who would you add to the list? Who doesn't deserve the honor?

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Actually, Michael Steele doesn't fit onto this list (IMHO) ... in fact, I twittered Waymon recently that, as Steele's reputation crumbles, I am anxiously awaiting his photo spread in Black Inches.

Hopefully, they will find a sweaty jock strap, or something, to stick in his mouth.

Sexy or unsexy is certainly a personal preference, different for all of us. I have different tastes than what tends to be considered sexy in our culture, I'll take a plain ordinary man over a model any day.

On this list, I don't think Shia Labeouf or Hugh Jackman belong there. I used to think Joaquin Phoenix was sexy, but the beard in that picture changed my mind.