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West Virginia defeats marriage amendment

Filed By Bil Browning | March 31, 2009 12:00 PM | comments

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West Virginia's House of Delegates squashed a marriage amendment to ban same-sex marriage yesterday.

An evangelical group has pressed lawmakers this session to have marriage defined as between one woman and one man.

But the resolution needed to put the issue before voters has stalled in committee. That prompted Monday's move by Republican delegates to force it to the full House.

Delegates voted 67-30 to reject the attempt.

I took some heat for my position that GLAD's federal court challenge to DOMA is detrimental to the few states that don't have marriage amendments - especially those of us in flyover country. One of the major facets missing from the debate is how much work we've had to do to squash these measures. Indiana's proposed marriage amendment was also killed in committee and North Carolina's has hung by a thread at times too.

For three states not known for their pro-gay attitudes, you'd think the national orgs would want to sink some cash into helping us build some infrastructure. After all, a majority of states weren't able to defeat their amendments. But what the hell, we're hicks; no one has to listen/support us, eh?

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Hey, wait a minute! A certain national organization that I work for (but in no way speak on behalf of, so don't you dare confuse my inane drivel for their official position) has an organizer on the ground in Charleston and has had national staff visiting the state regularly for quite some time.

So WV has been shown some love. Maybe not so much NC and IN...

Don't forget that the Republican-led Wyoming legislature killed an amendment this year.

Delaware killed one too this year.

Several amendments still pending in other states.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | March 31, 2009 9:45 PM

It seems my entire life has been about how to get the most accomplished with the least resources

Don't be so quick to dismiss North Carolina. I actually had great conversations with my own representatives, and both think it is likely that the Marriage Discrimination Amendment will never make it out of committee as well.


By all means, I'm not dismissing you. Y'all have worked your asses off to keep that amendment off the ballot - as have Indiana and West Virginia. Kudos to y'all for a job well done so far!

I think all three of our states should get more funding as a bonus. If it's good enough for AIG, it's good enough for us!