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Breaking: Calgary Court Prepared to Issue "Symbolic" Arrest Warrant for George W. Bush

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I wrote a few weeks ago about George W. Bush's speaking engagement giving members of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce economic advice. During the protest outside the Telus Convention Centre, I had mentioned that four people had been arrested over the course of the afternoon, the first when he had attempted to make a citizen's arrest of George W. Bush. This protester was Splitting the Sky, an activist for Aboriginal peoples. He has been charged with obstructing justice, and is being represented in court by former U.S. Attorney General Ramsay Clark (who is now a human rights advocate).

As the Conservative government has still shown no intention of stepping into the issue, he, along with Lawyers Against the War have been continuing to work at the legal system on two fronts, and Splitting the Sky (which is a translation from his Mohawk name, Dacajeweiah; he also uses the name John Boncore) has been arguing that in fact it was the Calgary Police Service that was obstructing justice on March 17th. And although his court case is still pending, a separate application was heard Tuesday afternoon and rumors are circulating that a Calgary judge has agreed, and will be issuing an arrest warrant in coming days under section 83.29 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Splitting the Sky has an extensive past as an activist, being a principal leader (and the only person convicted) of the Attica State Prison rebellion in 1971. Moving to British Columbia after his release, he founded the League of Indigenous Sovereign Nations for the purpose of uniting Indigenous Peoples. In 1995, he and Natives at Gustafsen Lake made a stand with regards to the continued taking and occupying of unceded Native land. More recently, he has joined a number of voices calling for knowledge of what the Bush administration knew prior to and during the 9/11 tragedy.

While the trial surrounding his arrest will not be taking place until later in April, he and supporters have made an application to the courts that there is a case against the former President, and war crime charges need to be answered to. The outcome of this application should be coming out shortly. Lawyer Gail Davidson has said that if a warrant is issued, it would likely be unenforceable without the government of Canada's willingness to pursue it, but it is at least symbolic.

Meanwhile, Splitting the Sky is seeking donations to fight his charge of obstructing justice in court. For information, visit

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Sorry to let some of you down -- yes, the warrant is bogus. However, the background is true, and Splitting the Sky could use the help.

LOL - I had to ask Mercedes if she remembered that it was April Fools Day. I thought she'd written a real post. *giggles* She got me.