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Bzzzt - wrong answer: Miss California on marriage equality

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It's not like folks are tuning in to see the next world leaders on the Miss USA pageant, but the producers clearly wanted to convey a tad more gravitas by having judges ask deeper questions than the usual "achieving world peace" variety. At this year's pageant, held at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, there were some fireworks.

When Miss California, Carrie Prejean, a motivational speaker (who also tried out to be a briefcase model on Deal or No Deal), stepped up to pull a judge's name from a fishbowl, she drew Perez Hilton's card, who proceeded to ask her the following question:

"Vermont recently became the fourth state to legalize same-sex marriage. Do you think every state should follow suit, why or why not?" Drum roll please...

"Well, I think it's great that Americans are able to choose one or another. Um, we live in a land that you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage. And, you know what? In my country and in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there, but that's how I was raised and that's how I think that it should be -- between a man and a woman. Thank you!"

Um. That answer makes no sense -- does she really believe that marriage for same-sex couples is available in every state? Needless to say she received boos from some audience members. Perez Hilton wasn't amused.

BTW, Miss North Carolina, Wilmington native Kristen Dalton (who holds a degree in Psychology and Spanish at East Carolina University), took home the crown; she had to answer a question about the taxpayer bailout of companies. Her answer as to where the stimulus funds should go: "education and school systems and welfare and health care. That's what out taxpayers money should go to, absolutely." Her quote on the win:

"It feels really natural. I've worked so be here and this has been my lifelong dream and it's finally here. And whoever knew you could win in a turquoise gown?"

I would have loved to hear her answer on marriage equality.

And as we all know, Miss California will still be able to put on the crown if Miss NC is unable to fulfill her duties.

I think I'll take a pass on the next round, which is the Miss Universe pageant in August.

Here's an "Oh My" bonus:

"I knew there were secular judges, but I felt I needed to express my passion for the Lord."

Carrie Prejean is dedicated to serving the Lord and is not at all shy about her Christianity -- even on national television. As the new 2009 Miss California USA, Carrie has shown that she can balance the pressures of national competition with her desire to share Christ's love with younger women.

Carrie has recently been serving with a ministry that seeks to reveal Christ's transforming love to women in the adult entertainment industry. Led by a young women who herself was delivered by Christ, the group "gets real" with these women and discusses their problems and life struggles. Carrie feels that she can connect with women her age and believes that God is using her to bring hope to others.

In addition to her passion for young women, Carrie has volunteered at the local International Ministry Center where she has helped refugees learn to speak English. She is also involved with Voices for Children, a mentor program for children in foster care. "I've been extremely passionate about that. I especially have a heart for helping young girls with low self-esteem. I want to focus on San Diego and give back to my community", she said.

Carrie is currently a student at San Diego Christian College, but has decided to leave for the spring semester of 2009 to compete in the Miss USA Pageant, which takes place in April 2009. Her goal is to return to SDCC to finish her Bachelors Degree, and to later obtain a Masters Degree in the field of Special Education.

Hat tips, Lisa Derrick and Towleroad.

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Carrie's comments make her UGLY! She may have the outer beauty...but inside? She is UGLY, UGLY, UGLY!!!

She gave her answer as she saw fit so some dont like it tough deal with it we do not all think the same on this issue.Did it cost her probaly after all one must be for gay marraige after all NOT!We should accept the rights of others to express there views even if we personlay thing there wack. So if you bash her for her answer shame on you your just as bad as those who bash us welcome to the club your now a bigot to!

Like I said, she is UGLY, UGLY, UGLY!!!

Her right to express her bigotry does not mean we are suppose to pretend its not bigotry. There is no first amendment issue here. Are you saying that to support "freedom" we must support those who would deny it? If she had said, she thinks blacks and whites should not marry- should we have ignoret hat too. If so, what's wrong with you? This is the lazy version of liberalism or conservatism where people make knee jerk statements that do not match the real world.

Her answer was ingnorant. Eventhough people can have a different opinion, she clearly equates gay marriage to religious marriage. The question had to do with giving gay people the same rights as heterosexual couples through civil marriage. Do we want an ignorany beauty representing our country?

I just found it sad that it was mostly cheers for her answer. In a pageant. Very sad.

i love blonde jokes, but this one wasn't funny...

Lucrece, why would you be so surprised of all the cheering with her answer? the audience was right-wing and they love going to meat markets. there would be no feminists or progressives there - only drooling misogynists.

if you haven't heard yet, she's already blamed her loss to the homosexual agenda.


A. J. Lopp | April 20, 2009 9:26 PM

Yes, her answer was unfortunate, but ... oh ho-hum, what would you expect at a historical bastion of traditional gender roles like the Miss USA Pageant, or any other beauty pageant?

Cathy, above, is right in that no everyone in the world needs to agree with us --- Obama won the Presidency even though there is still plenty of racism left in America.

Why were you wasting your time watching this pageant, when PBS has many wonderful shows educating people about how the melting glaciers throughout the world might flood Atlantic City and Miami someday --- good thing this particular dinosaur parade was held in Las Vegas.

Ok time to take a reality check here folks America is not for same sex marriage and will probaly never be why do you think we have only gotten it in the courts and in very Liberal places?We have way to much more PR work to do and those who think America is a Liberal country get real she is not America is consevative to moderate.So till places like where I live in Georgia think its ok for any two people to get married then it aint won yet hell we even killed common law marriage when they killed Same Sex marriage here in Georgia.Yes more people voted for the President then why did these same people then vote for Prop 8?Why would Liberal voters vote down Same Sex Marriage? Cant totaly blame Republicans and pick the church of your choice to balme now can we?