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Equality Virginia statement to Projectors

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Equality Virginia has requested that we publish this statement from the organization:

Dear Bilerico readers and staff,

My name is Jon Blair and I am the CEO of Equality Virginia. It has come to our attention that there have been posts here on Bilerico from a user claiming to represent EV. This user is not a representative of Equality Virginia, currently or previously. The comments made were those of that individual, and are in no way representative of EV's views. Equality Virginia is fully committed to inclusive equality for ALL members of the GLBT community. If any reader of Bilerico has a question regarding EV or EV's views, please feel free to contact me at any time. Thank you for your hard work for equality!

Jon Blair
Chief Executive Officer
Equality Virginia

The user's account has been disabled and all comments with the false representation deleted.

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I'm not exceedingly familiar with Equality Virginia, despite being a student in the state. However, while I'm sure a completely trans-inclusive clause appears in the organization's mission statement, I have doubts that the organization truly epitomizes this.

I have a close friend who was a former staffer of EV, and during this person's time at EV, I was told that EV was trying to pass a piece of legislation through the state legislature, but was receiving push back. There was concern the legislation would not pass, so a board member of EV approached the ED and decided to drop the trans protections in order to pass the bill.

This is all coming second hand, so I can't expect people to believe at face value. But it certainly makes me have my doubts... it's sadly a very familiar story in LGBT organizations.

I'm not exceedingly familiar with Jason Tseng, despite being a Bilerico reader and sometimes fan of former posts. However, while I'm sure random gossip has its place in life and politics, a completely (or at least more) fact based post appears in the better interest of supporting perhaps very valid concerns. I have doubts that any casual blogger or even my blogger betters like the author truly wish to epitomize factual based reporting all the time, but this is all just my opinion so what does my little anonymous opinion matter?

That doesn't have anything to do with this discussion, Jason.

I do know this - EV has a new CEO that's been on the job for a couple of months. The commenter's behavior isn't just limited to our site, but to many other sites out there.

This is about him having to take corrective action so everyone knows the commenter didn't speak for Equality Virginia. They don't. It's that simple.