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Forgiving The Franklins

Filed By John Shields | April 12, 2009 1:00 PM | comments

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The incredibly powerful and effective response to the bigoted and idiotic National Organization for Marriage "advertisement" has knee-capped the group of intolerants, and all the mashups were hilarious. You've seen them, so no need for me to recap. But awesome job everyone!

But, since it's Same Sex Sunday, as well as Easter, it seemed the perfect time for me and my husband to watch something satirical regarding the "Christian Right" - which is not Christian and definitely not right.

I don't know who recommended this flick to me, but it was PERFECT following the NOM ad and the fact that we were watching it as Easter Sunday rolled in at midnight.

Not to give away too much of the plot of the movie, I'm going to let IMDB do the summarizing (no spoilers):

The Franklins are Bible belt Christians: Frank's a lawyer, Betty's a homemaker focused on her children and her church, Brian is a senior who plays football, his younger sister Caroline is a cheerleader who thinks she's fat, prays often, and is impatient with God. When the family is in a car crash, all but Caroline are in a coma during which they see Jesus who removes their inhibitions and their piety. Awake and refreshed, Frank, Betty, and Brian discover their sexuality, their independence from Sunday worship and formal prayer, and the ability to talk frankly. Caroline - and her godmother, Betty's best friend, Peggy - are horrified.

Here's the trailer:

Most of the time we have to fight for our freedoms, against enemies that always think they are right. This movie wields its power in a much more subtle way, and yet satirically is over the top in taking the Bible Belters to task.

My suggestion is to watch it, as I'm sure you'll love it.

Happy Easter, and have a great Same Sex Sunday!

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