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I'm Joining HRC

Filed By Monica Roberts | April 01, 2009 11:30 AM | comments

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This HRC-square-logo.gifmay come as a shock to all of you who've known me for years as one of HRC's most virulent critics, but I'm pleased to announce that I am joining the Human Rights Campaign outreach team to the African-American GLBT/SGL community.

Some of you may see this as selling out, since I've had much to say on this blog and many others about some of the less than honorable stuff this organization's done in the past to not only impede the rights of transgender people, but ignoring my community as well.

But they asked, and it's an attractive offer I couldn't turn down.

houston freeways_i-45 downtown.jpgIn addition I get to go back home just in time to participate in Annise Parker's historic campaign and reestablish my eligibility to vote in my beloved home state.

I'll get to travel on a regular basis as part of this job, speak to various groups, do interviews and I'm getting paid quite well for doing so. I'm getting tired of doing the right thing for peanuts while others in the GLBT movement are living large. It's time for me to get paid for my writing and speaking abilities and garner the higher profile I deserve.

Hey, I gotta look out for number one. I gotta eat too, and I like fly designer clothes as well.

Neiman-Marcus, here I come.

Oh yeah, I wonder if they make Jimmy Choo pumps in a size 12. Hey, it won't matter, because as much money as I'll soon be making, I'll special order them.

Oh yeah, before you flood this post with hate comments, check today's date at the top of it. ;)

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Best of luck, Monica! Enjoy the high life!

Wyatt O'Brian Evans | April 1, 2009 12:26 PM


Congrats, and much success!

Hey, think of it this way--you'll be a great asset to HRC, which they recognize. You can give them your unique perspectives, etc, to affect even more positive change and inclusion.

Okay, I would have to change my birthday to March 31, 2009 to ever believe this. Nice try, Monica. I give this posting a C-.

A. J. Lopp | April 1, 2009 12:40 PM

April 1 is a wonderful day to try out a new viewpoint on life! I only hope you wear your custom-made size 12 Jimmy Choo pumps to the HRC Cost Containment and Donor Accountability Conference they hold each year in Las Vegas.

Except I hear that this year it will be in Dubai. Let's take advantage of those travel specials while the economy is still in the toilet!

In the spirit of April Fools Day - I'm going to file my taxes for 2004-2008, pay all back taxes and penalties, and even check off that box to donate an extra dollar to the presidential campaign soon as monkeys stop flying out of my butt.

This makes me wonder if the Scampaign's ENDA statement wasn't simply accidentally released a week early.

Me thinketh Hell hath frozen over. ;)

Angela Brightfeather | April 1, 2009 3:55 PM


You have just proven that everyone has a price. Frankly, you beat me out for a similar position with HRC, but I was supposed to be hired to go out to Irish and Celtic minorities and give them the HRC gospel. I delayed in accepting the postion at first and that was all they needed to make the offer to Tranny O'Hannahan, who galdly accepted. She could not resist the one year supply of corned beef and cabbage being offered with the job.

Jon Blair | April 1, 2009 7:43 PM

Ms. Parker is not, a representative, employee or board member of EV, formally or informally, in any capacity. Accordingly, her comments are hers and hers alone. Sorry for any confusion.

Jon Blair
Chief Executive Officer
Equality Virginia

Gerri Ladene | April 1, 2009 10:36 PM

Monica, at last real change the HRC to the HRT?

Solmonese'll hire Monica for HRC about the same time that Obama names Newt Gingrich as education secretary, Mitch Daniels hires Bil to be his press secretary, the Detroit Lions get to the Super Bowl, or when Alabama legalizes gay marriage.