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Miss California goes Norm Coleman

Filed By Alex Blaze | April 22, 2009 2:30 PM | comments

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Jesus Christ. Please make the stupid stop.

"If she really feels some tremendous stress as a result of losing -- and I'm certain she's probably devastated from what happened to her -- she can articulate a viable claim for monetary compensation for psychic injury," said FOX News legal analyst Mercedes Colwin.[...]

"She lost it because of that question," Hilton said Monday. "She was definitely the front-runner before that."

Hilton, who is gay, said he gave Prejean a zero for her answer, and that may have made the difference in the outcome.

Prejean, who attends San Diego Christian College, said she saw the question as a test of her faith -- a religious trial that could have her finishing in the money, if she decides to sue.

Wait, if that question was a religious trial for her, then isn't being punished for giving the True-with-a-capital-T answer exactly what gives that religious trial meaning?

I know that the Religious Right feels that they have a right to do absolutely anything and not have to live through any of the consequences because their definition of "freedom of religion" means freedom for them but not for anyone else.

But come on. She suffered psychological trauma for losing? That's almost about as dumb as the teabaggers saying that they're suffering "taxation without representation" because they lost the election in November. Are they going to say that McCain lost that competition because of his religious beliefs and then sue the whole country? (I should keep my mouth shut - I probably just gave somebody an idea.)

And aren't "frivolous lawsuits" the rallying cry of the right? I remember for years Bush blocked any reforms of the American health care system because he said that the only real problem was rising costs due to "frivolous lawsuits" and "trial lawyers" like John Edwards. And we already know that the right hates "activist judges." But give them a chance to profit from anything they criticize and we get whiplash from how fast their position changes.

As much as I absolutely hate the Miss USA competition, it's their own competition and the contestants know beforehand they'll be judged on their political speech (the questions aren't new). Calling her political speech "religious" doesn't change the fact that she was commenting on family law and the state legislative process.

"The First Amendment insulates interference with religion from the government -- it does not insulate religious interference with anyone else," said Judge Andrew Napolitano, senior legal analyst for FOX News. "I don't think the litigation would get to first base."

If anything, Napolitano added, Prejean "has a cause of action against 'The Donald' -- against the people who run this thing" for choosing biased judges.

Biased judges? How are the judges supposed to decide how to score the questions if they can't look at the substance of the answers? It's whine, whine, whine from the right if they ever actually lose a competition.

I wonder how this all makes Kristen Dalton feel, considering she actually won the competition. Then again, the last thing the American right understands is fairness.

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GrrrlRomeo | April 22, 2009 2:54 PM

They want to play that game? The APA has a study saying Anti Same-Sex Marriage Amendments cause psychological distress among LGBT people.

How can I say this as politely as it!

She can kiss my faggot ass.

Miss California lost a beauty pagent. We lost an election that stripped us of our guarantee of equal protection. We have been redacted from 30 constitutions in the country.

She lost a tiara and gained lots of free advertisement on talk shows (aka Fox News) that promotes her religious bigotry that she is using to mask her inability to understand history, law or civics.

Fuck you, Miss California.

Mr and Mr California

A lawsuit is silly. But Perez calling her a "bitch" and Mr California saying "fuck you" really shows ignorance and intolerance. How would you feel if she had answered something pro-gay and some heterosexual judge gave her a zero?

Let's not have double standards - everyone has an opinion and it won't always be what you share. Voting with a zero and name calling someone that doesn't agree with you makes every gay person who fought for equal rights take a step back.